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How'd you play?


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Really struggled with all striking yesterday, way too many penalties 

6/14 fairways (ouch)

If if weren’t for my short game and lights out putting ( only 28 putts) it might have been really ugly.

49/43 = 92

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10 hours ago, CarlH said:

Yep....when I lived in Fargo ND, there was a great little par 3 that was excellent for working on iron play.  I used to play that quite often just as a way to work on approach shots and short game.

I lived in Fargo my Sophomore year in H.S.... winter '62-'63.  I have no intentions of ever going back.  🥶

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Stopped being so technical and over thinking, and just going with more feel and intuition. It’s been working well as I’ve felt more loose and free. Scoring has followed as well, so the games been more fun.

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20 hours ago, BostonSal said:

A gorgeous Geoffrey Cornish executive course layout in Middleton, Massachusetts folded a couple of years ago, and that really disappointed me a lot.  It was maintained beautifully, it was easy to walk,  and it was so much fun to play.   They used to have a really good pro shop, too.  I never bought a set  there, but I bought several single clubs and other gear.  The pro shop diminished in recent years as green grass pro shops have everywhere.

At one time they had a lady teaching pro there who was almost able to teach me how to chip instead of lobbing the ball everywhere.

Anyway, nothing lasts forever, but we had some fun shootouts there and i miss it.

We had one in my home town that sold to housing developers back when I was maybe 15/16. Really unfortunate, was where I learned to play and wish I could have brought my son. Wish they had more of these types 

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🇺🇸Thank you to all those that have served/are serving and God Bless America 🇺🇸

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I got out Friday evening for a quick 9 holes.   Nothing spectacular, but starting to trust my distances with the T100-s a bit more.  They are nearly 8-10 yards longer on average.  My best shot came from the tough par 3 11th hole.  It was playing 212 yards and I hit a terrific 5 iron to 5 feet.  Also a couple other approaches that were better than average and gave me great looks at birdie.

Score - 36 (2 birdies and 2 bogeys)

FIR - 3

GIR - 6

Putts - 15

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Gap/Sand Wedge:  :titelist-small: Vokey SM6 49*  SM8 54* 

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37 minutes ago, Berg Ryman said:

A round of 80, 11 pars, 1 birdie, 3 bogeys, 3 doubles. I'll post a bit more about it over the "Heads Up Putting" thread because I used the technique all round to... mixed results? Again, I'll explain a bit more over there. Good news, should maybe lower my handicap again as I fight to dip back down to single digits considering I'm right back to 10.0 right now, I'm hoping the new update has me at 9.9 or 9.8!


I'm a nine and I can't shoot 80 with three doubles.  You were beautifully steady on the rest of the track to absorb your nuclear holes.

I have to keep doubles down or match them with birds to shoot or break 80.  

We play a hard game.

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I played 18 yesterday for the first time since tearing my Achilles in April.  It was a total struggle as I'm fighting my swing big time right now.  I finished with a generous 112 (55/57).  I'm losing balls everywhere off the tee these days.  I had 7 lost balls (primarily off the tee) and took 43 putts to get down (seven 3 putts).  It was just an ugly round.  

I'm fighting a push -push/slice right now.  The push is when I don't get the clubface closed, the push/slice is when I try to "save" it from going right and yank my club inwards across the line... causing it to go more right.... 

Time for a lesson...  

Company was great and the views were stellar! 0?ui=2&ik=ffd933a12c&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1711445955982229764&th=17c0470782998104&view=fimg&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ8A6dChgTtlFznnOgNY-nasZBOiWGflEiWhM2PyPc1LIOCw6dE_pdpIqSpc1AhkNlkSgk08WGP8L4DKIfgUY1ZhwEbbZFlM4c-U66KIhCTAedzzzJab6gg8pVI&disp=emb0?ui=2&ik=ffd933a12c&attid=0.3&permmsgid=msg-f:1711445955982229764&th=17c0470782998104&view=fimg&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ8dWQzDE_K_IVr2O4VIR1lJ71jx-O-i_g6rb9ITx7zbP6LVj1ZFsvPFLm1Upt-gv6NOZQAIcxtSjBCnT_Pi1RHYjmK-u6pP9Up1_5CwCzN2bM6EFHtmI3ph5bM&disp=emb0?ui=2&ik=ffd933a12c&attid=0.2&permmsgid=msg-f:1711445955982229764&th=17c0470782998104&view=fimg&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ96LRV9rHVq1jZzAivOWo9r9vY_F4FuMAypCYJOZziXROdXgf9S3EDcRK2H3XH4OAnm5l7CxX9afCr0h2Wg4xia0UADa_7YDOgb7HZQxjgDFXUyNUHdctyAQdQ&disp=emb

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Driver:  Ping 425LST 9*  (Aldila Rouge White 130) 

3 Wood: Sub70 Pro (13) (HZRDS Black 60)

3U: Sub70 (19.5) (True Temper Project X U) 

Irons: Sub70 699 Pro (5-Gap) (Dynamic Gold S300)

Wedges: Vokey SM8 54 and 58 (10S)  (Project X)

Putter: Some old green Nike Blade

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17 hours ago, fozcycle said:

Having not played well since our rear ended auto accident, I am at Hilton Head Island this week with family so I am trying to play 3 times.  I have not been able to make a good turn with my right shoulder jammed up. Had two rounds with the chiropractor with more to come when I get home.  I played the Robert Cupp course at Palmetto Hall Club today. Played the White tees at 6,000+ yards, much longer than my usual 5,300 yds. I had 9/14 FIRs for 64%; 4/18 GIRs for 22% and 30 Putts. What surprised me was 69% Up & Downs. I shot a 50/44:94 with 6 Pars, 5 Bogies,  4 Doubles and 3 Triples….ouch!

I struck the ball well, but not far. And when you add 700 more yards to your game it means 3 or 4 to get on the green. My drives were about 190-200 yards, 61% of my approaches were short, but I was able to get up & down.

Strokes Gained we’re F9 -6.69 while the B9 was -0.08.

Overall, my lack of shoulder turn made the game longer, not being able to make a full backswing plus playing extra yards.


I'm down here in Hilton also! Unfortunately was rained out of Harbour Town today. Got through a few before the forecaddie suggested we pull the plug. Glad we did also because it dumped for what seemed like the next 2 hours.

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Last week one of the worst week I can remember.  Monday & Tuesday Exec 9 used as practice and trying new things with grip to help with the Ulnar nerve problem.

Wednesday didn’t hit the ball bad shot 43.

Friday Exec and lost 3 balls and only 2 Pars.

Monday this morning, new day!!  Shot 3 over only 1 bad hole.

Golf is definitely a marathon 😱

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Left Hand, 

Driver; Titleist TSi2, Kuro Kage 50 gr R2

5 Wood; Cally Steelhead 

5 Hybrid; Cally Steelhead, Hazardous Vista Pro R2

Irons; Ping G710 6-GW, Recoil 460 R2

Putter; Waaay too many to list

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17 hours ago, 2puttbogey said:

Stopped being so technical and over thinking, and just going with more feel and intuition. It’s been working well as I’ve felt more loose and free. Scoring has followed as well, so the games been more fun.

"Stop thinking... Let things happen... and Be the ball."  - Ty Webb

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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