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In for Review! - Boccieri Secret Grip

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#1 GolfSpy T

GolfSpy T


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 01:35 PM


The new Boccieri Secret Grips actually arrived a few weeks ago. GolfSpy Tim is going to be providing the bulk of the actual review, but I thought you guys might want to see a few pictures, and find out a bit more about what the Secret Grip is all about.

As you might be aware, Boccieri Golf was originally a putter company. A couple of years back they moved into the wedge space, and then last year they released a full lineup of clubs. The differentiation with Boccieri products has always been the "Heavy" aspect (Heavy Putter, Heavy Wedge, Heavy Fairway, etc.). With both the wedge and the fairway that we tested, our testers posted accuracy scores well above expectations. That got our attention.

Perhaps most surprising is that despite the heavy feel, swing weight (often used to express how heavy a club feels) was actually extremely light (the wedge weighed in at B7 for example). On the course, the extra weight in the wedge proved to be extremely helpful on those tricky little control shots around the green.

That too got us thinking...rather than lock the consumer into Boccieri branded clubs, why not make the "Heavy" Technology available in some other way?


Enter the Secret Grip.

Feel free to chuckle at the name...god knows I did when I first heard it. The secret is actually a 16g Tungsten weight fixed in the butt end of the grip. Also worth whispering about is the grip material itself, which is 40% heavier than a standard grip. The average grip weights in at +/- 52 grams. The Secret Grip that I personally weighted registered just under 96 grams. Basically we're talking about a grip that's 100% heavier than the IOmics I have on my irons.


One other noteworthy design feature of the Secret Grip is that it offers what Boccieri calls a "Tour Profile", which is basically a built-up lower hand, or more simply put, less taper than a standard grip. As you can see from the photos, it's also about 1" longer than a "normal" grip.

The reported benefits of the Secret Grip are the same as other Boccieri clubs. They include:

  • Better Plane on Takeaway
  • Helps Set the Hands More Quickly
  • Smoother Transition
  • Holds Angle of Retention Longer
  • Helps Square Face at Impact
  • Creates Full Extension Through Impact
  • Balanced Finish

Taking a bit of a risk, I suppose, when I put the Matrix 7m3 BlackTie shaft in my bag, I installed it with the Secret Grip. While I won't tell you I've hit every fairway, so far the results have been solid (and yes...part or all of that could be the new shaft). The driver is a club I struggle to control (temp/transition), so if the Secret Grip can help smooth things out, I'm all for it. Despite the lower swing weight (I haven't put it on the scale, so I can't yet tell you what my once upon a time D5 driver weighs now), but it doesn't feel light (like the 43.75" driver shaft did during our MGS Labs article on shaft length). It actually feels heavy.

As I said, Tim will have a full review soon, but hopefully the pics and info will at least get you started thinking about the Secret Grip.

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#2 Tyk



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Posted 05 July 2012 - 01:52 PM

As I was reading the review I immediately thought "would I be crazy to put that on my driver?" at which point I got to the part where you said you put it on your driver! I'm going to try this!

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#3 Springbok



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Posted 05 July 2012 - 03:16 PM

Now if the were really smart, that would have made it so that the weight screwed in. That way you could change the cap, and sell the grips and weights separately.

#4 Golfmanufaktur



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Posted 06 July 2012 - 08:11 AM

Backweighting/Counterbalancing - essentially what the Secret Grip does with a club - is nothing new in the industry. I do it once in a while with a customer who is having a hard time getting on plane in the downswing and is somewhat violent/quick in the transition. The method, I prefer is going with the Tourlock weights. This way, you can find the amount of weight under the hands, that produces the best results. Having the option to go from 12g to 40g is nice. Heavier is not always better, but can help some type of swings.


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