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Testers Announced! Evnroll and Precision Pro ×

Testers Announced: Evnroll NEO Classic Putters

Message added by MGS-Forum-Mod,

Follow our testers main posts in the following links. 

@russtopherb - Main Post 

@ChitownM2 - Main Post 

@AndySP - Main Post 

@Marty2shanks - Main Post

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Congratulations Testers! Looking forward to reading your reviews about Evnroll Putters! Have heard a lot about them! Good Luck! ⛳

Titleist T200 Irons - 5i thru Gap Wedge - Stiff AMT Black

Callaway PARADYM X 9.0 with Hazrdous X Black 6.0 Stiff Shaft

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (22 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM8 - 54 (D Grind) wedge flex; SM8 58(M grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5

Ball: Titleist ProV1

Handicap: 0

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6 hours ago, Bubba1985 said:

Congrats testers! My Evnroll was a game changer! Much thanks @Golfspy_CG2.. 

Awesome! Glad it’s working for you. 

:ping-small: G430 Max 10K 

:titelist-small: TSiR1 15.0 Aldlia Ascent 60g

:titelist-small: TSR2 18.0 PX Aldila Ascent 6og

:titelist-small: TSi1 20 Aldila Ascent Shafts R

:titelist-small: T350 5-GW SteelFiber I80 

:titelist-small: SM10 48F/54M and58K

:ping-small: S159 48S/52S/56W/60B

:scotty-cameron-1: Select 5.5 Flowback 35" 

:titelist-small: ProV1  Play number 12



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7 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Screenshot 2024-06-11 8.27.48 AM.png

The Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 was named Best Overall Blade Putter by MyGolfSpy testers in 2024. It was the top performer in the five-foot category. Considering there were 39 putters tested ,this was no easy feat. The Neo Classic line boasts several more models and features that have not previously been seen in Evnroll putters. 

About The Evnroll Neo Classic Putters

We have a full deep dive into the Neo Classic line that you can view here. The short version is that this putter line features new takes on five classic Evnroll designs. The line incorporates adjustable weights, two finishes and their new aluminum SweetFace insert. Of the five new models, three fall are blades and two are mallets, meaning most golfers should see a shape or style that suits their visual preferences.

The biggest of all the  changes is clearly the SweetFace aluminum insert. Known for their SweetFace milled grooves that aid in direction and speed control, the new aluminum insert aims to provide a better feel that is softer but equally responsive.


Please welcome and congratulate our testers!





Big shout out to Testers, such nice putters. You won’t be disappointed! Roll the rock!

I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 10.5, Graphite Design Tour AD-MJ 6x

Titleist TSr3 18 Degree, Graphite Design Tour Ad-DI 7x

Takomo 301CB's, KBS Tours 120S

Vokey SM8 48 10F, 52 08F, 56 08M, 60 08M

Odyssey O-Works Jailbird Mini, Versa Scheme, 17" Fatso 3.0 Grip, 40"

Jazz Tacoma Cart Bag

Titleist Pro V1x


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Heartbroken 💔 

Congrats to the Testers! 

Driver: Callaway Paradym; Hzrdus Silver 50 Gram

3 Wood: Ping 410; "Otto Phlex" Project X Evenflow Riptide 

7 Wood: Callaway Epic Max 

3, 5-7 Irons: Callaway Apex 19

8-AW Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 19

Wedges: Callaway MD4 54, Callaway MD4 58 X Grind 

Putter: Evnroll ER2v; Midlock and Standard 34 inch with Gravity Gip

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Congratulations to this great group of testers and looking forward to reading the comments and reviews.

Interested in seeing of the insert makes a difference in the feel off the face.

Great introductions already, and hoping these meet all of your expectations.

Driver & Fairway: :titleist-small: Titleist TSR3 10 degree - :Fuji: Ventus TR Blue & :titleist-small: TSR3 15 - :projectx: Hzrdus Black Gen 4 

Hybrid: :titleist-small: TSR2 21 degree - :projectx: Hzrdus Black Gen 4

Irons: :titleist-small: Titleist T200 3G (4) & T150 - (5-G) - :projectx: Project X LZ 

Wedges: :vokey-small: Vokey SM8 54, and 58

Putter: :cameron-small: Cameron Phantom X 7.5

Ball: :titleist-small: Pro V1 & :maxfli: Maxfli Tour

Link to "Unboxing & Set-Up" post



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Congrats Testers!

 TSR1, 9*, TPT Nitro 17 Lo

 TSR1, 15*, TPT Power Range Fairway 17 Lo 

 TSR2, Hybrid, 18*, TPT Power Range Hybrid 17 Lo

 RBZ Tour4 Hybrid, 21.5*, S 

 T-200, (2023), 5-PW,  SteelFiber, i95cw, S 

Vokey Design, 50,54,58, Dynamic Gold S200

 Studio Select, Newport 1.5

 ELIXR (2022), MaxFli Tour S (2024)


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2 hours ago, cksurfdude said:

Congrats!! testers 👍

Sorta related I still game an ER5 picked up several years ago after reading about it here on MGS.

@Marty2shanks great intro. That's crazy what happened to you but good job getting yourself back in action.

Thanks!  It was crazy.  I had to go to those Bryson jumbo grips for almost a year.  Only way I could consistently hold onto the club.  Have worked my way back down to a Midsize+4 but I still dabble with the jumbo+ grips every now and then.  And walking is really weird when you can’t feel your feet…🤣.

Driver - Titleist 917 Speeder 757 X-Flex

Woods/Hybrids - Titleist 913 series Aldila Riptide X-Flex 

Irons - 710/712 CB/MB Combo Set TTDG X100 & S300

Wedges - Vokey 52/56/60

Putter - Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 1.0

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Congrats, testers. Eager to hear your thoughts on these bad boys!

Driver:  cobralogo.png.60692cdc05482efd83e68664e010b95f.png Aerojet LS, Ventus Blue Shaft - 6S
4 Wood:  callaway.png.e65d398fb0327017a369499fc6126064.png Rogue ST Max 16.5, Tensei White Shaft - 7S
Utility Iron: mizunopro.png.90cc4fb9895830e28063d9a5be416145.png Fli Hi 3-iron, HAZARDOUS Smoke Black Shaft - S
Irons:  mizuno.png.f0e7b21135cb6273b3c1430866904467.png JPX 921 Tour 4-P, Project X Shafts - Stiff 125g
Wedges: cleveland.png.f21f4d2361520fdf1bbd9d515a2f11e6.png 52º, 56º, 60º
Putter:  odyssey.png.58c727e37eb7efda62bce4f7b8881bd9.png Ai-One 7 T CH, 34"
Preferred Ball: srixon.png.f177578dda27a20ef80a0a8b1ae96e3b.png Z-Star Diamond
Pushcart: bagboy.jpg.0dda53b5175958e1b5686f22b90af744.jpg Nitron
Rangefinder: bushnell.jpg.c51debd06066fa243dea7f14d69a8dba.jpg Tour V5 Shift

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Congrats testers!  Great couple intros so far.  Looking forward to seeing how these shape up.

:callaway-small: Paradym TD Driver w/ Ventus Blue 6S

:ping-small: 3W

:srixon-small: MKII ZX 5's (4-6) w/ KBS Tour V

:srixon-small: MKII ZX 7's (7-PW) w/ KBS Tour V

:titleist-small: Vokey Wedges 50* 54* 58*

:L.A.B.: DF2.1 Putter

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Congrats testers! Looking forward to the reviews😃


Driver: Titleist TSi3 - TENSEI AV Series White 65 Stiff

3wood: Taylormade Stealth - Ventus Blue Stiff 

Driving Iron: Ping Crossover 3iron - Ping Stiff 

Irons: 4-PW Titleist AP2 - Dynamic Gold S300 

Wedges: 52 Vokey SM6 (F Grind), 56 Vokey SM8 (D Grind), 60 Vokey SM9 (M grind)

Putter: Versa Odyssey Jailbird - Superstroke Pistol 1.0

Ball: Taylormade Distance+

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Congratulations to all the testers!  Have fun, we are looking forward to your reviews!

Driver: Taylormade Qi10 Max (Mitsubishi C6 Blue 60S 2022) chosen as one of the lucky testers of the Autoflex Dream 7 shaft!!!

Hybrids: Taylomade Qi10 3 & 4 Rescue (Ventus TR  HB Blue 6R)

Irons: Taylormade Qi 5-PW (Ventus TR Blue 6R)

Wedges: Cleveland RTx 4 52/56/60 Wedges (True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Tour )

Putter: Cleveland Frontline 10.0

New Gamer Ball: Taylormade 2024  TP5x 

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Congratulations to all the testers.  I look forward to your reviews.

Edited by David Leighton Reid

Ping G430 Max 10k 9° w/UST MP5 L-Flex

Ping G425 3 wood 14.5° w/Ventus Velocore Blue-6R tipped 1"

Cleveland Halo Launcher 5 wood 18° with Project X Cypher R

Callaway Rogue 19° hybrid regular

PXG Gen 3 0311XF 5 - G steel regular

Corey Paul wedges bent to 53° and 58°

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 putter

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Congratulations spies! 👏  Have fun testing the putters and seeing if Guerin's latest offering finds a spot in your bag.

:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver 

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:srixon-small:  ZX5 Irons 4-AW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:EVNROLL: ER5v Putter  (Official Review)

:odyssey-small: AI-One Milled Seven T CH (Official Review)





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Excited to see how you roll ‘em roll ‘em roll ‘em roll ‘em!

Currently in the bag:

Cobra Aerojet LS 9* | Cobra LTDx 3 wood 14* | Callaway Utility Wood 17* and 21* | Haywood CB/MB combo set (4-7 CB; 8-PW MB) | Edison 2.0 wedges 53*, 57* | LAB DF2.1 Broomstick 50” | Transrover bag

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Congratulations Testers!  @russtopherb @ChitownM2 @AndySP and @Marty2shanks

looking forward to your journey through the testing process and hope you enjoy the ride! ⛳

Derek 🖌️ Verified Hack, ~21 handicap 🙂  Golf for exercise and peace of mind.  ⛳

|> Big Dogs: First Strike Rattlesnake (10)TeelessTM (13), Tommy Armour TA1 3h :1332069271_TommyArmour: (19)Ginty Trouble Club 1582792763_GintyLogo(4)35h.jpg.fc3c835085ee4b6630b4ac7543b068c3.jpg (29)

|> Blades: First StrikeTM DeliveranceTM 4(23) 5(26) 6(29) 7(33) 8(37) 9(41) P(45)  

|> Wedges: Worx 429668682_worx30.png.ecb184a97c8fb80112252b57c05f40c2.png (55)  Lovett 1857218720_LovetSandWedge2(2)30v.jpg.e22c477791c7dd1d962d07e9624df8cf.jpg (59) 

|> Flatstick: L.A.B. Golf DF2.1  ⛳ 2104071333_DrizzleStickLogo25.jpg.4a85e684857a33281ff6a12753532913.jpg  1935535164_ZeroFrictionLogo25.jpg.4af6ce349cb7b5117d2a8bb409c4b51f.jpg :OnCore: :footjoy-small:

⛳  :1590477705_SunMountain:C130 Supercharged 🌲  :Clicgear:3.5+  🌳  1197970276_COBALTicon15tall.jpg.92ebd5a63e6ab7d194096885e37eeb52.jpgQ6 Slope   🏌️‍♂️ SwingU2023logowhite30.jpg.238c607458394f36c7b0cd29738166fc.jpgPremium  

💻 1529843961_EPLogosm.jpg.3a2a74e3a5b6c64d4cdd1489a5d253b0.jpgMGS Logo  🌐 646255544_dghLogo30.jpg.9383a65e038b6a10ea92d0ada58bbc58.jpgBall mark   ⛳   IGBRC  International Golf Ball Rescue Commission / Founder

295785881_PGAHOPE_H_4Ch30.png.6317ecb613080e94b9fe996cd81462c1.png Graduate/Mentor     1698190715_StickHackLogo2021(3)20pixelstall.png.f28e1067b8bbf26fbd9d4c6c277f1a5d.png "The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course" Member #334 

2020 Official Tester - PuttUp mat logo_full_331d238c-3cab-4f84-ac72-d09e86f448c5_300x-12.png.8c8aee17ee565b3b96970802313957f9.png ⛳  2021 Official Tester - Inesis Waterproof Grip Golf Shoes :Inesis:

2022 Official Tester - L.A.B.Putters 1382751340_L.A.B.Golflogo30.jpg.c054d635e47d481685d732a542e111af.jpg  ⛳ 2023 Official Tester - Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove  :redrooster:

2023 Official Tester - Lean Lock Putter LeanLockLogo.jpg.79bf29d6bf78b2208e2a58de63e92193.jpg  ⛳  2024 Official Tester - Callaway Smoke Drive:callaway-small:

It's all lies I tell you, everywhere the golf ball comes to rest! ⛳



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Congrats to the testers!! As a previous generation ER1v owner, I look forward to the reviews. 

  • Driver Cobra Radspeed 10.5. Stiff HZRDS Smoke Yellow
  • 3W Cabra F8+ 14.5
  • 5W Cobra F8+ 17.5
  • Irons TM RocketBladez 4i-P
  • Wedges Kirkland Signature 52@50, 56@55, and 60
  • Putter KS1
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Been gaming my EVNROLL ER7 for 5+ years now - super jealous I didn't get picked for this one!  But, after recent struggles, it's time to move on to something else.  Was hoping it would be a new EVNROLL face-balanced putter.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the process and find the results you're looking for.

:taylormade-small: Stealth Driver
:srixon-small: ZX 3W
:cobra-small: RadSpeed 3-hybrid
:taylormade-small: P790 (2021) irons (4-PW)
635785482_Cleveland3.png.bafd9f7d003e9f8afcafc6c28e307467.png  CBX-2 GW, SW & LW
default_cameron-small.gif.f215b193ccb45d2889c3ef1672ccb791.gif Phantom 7 putter
:srixon-small: Q-Star Tour DIVIDE / image.png.5c73aa0e191520c63e4a7567ea08cf4a.pngTour -  image.png.70e0eeb259be4d89842e31955c4a2f83.png
image.png.01a298ec5595cfbe94cf034d738c10fd.png Revolver XL
image.png1500Li Cart

:918457628_PrecisionPro:NX9 HD Pro Rangefinder / image.png.e9071b3377299921b87f929d3e042fa6.png S20 GPS Watch
image.png.a78b2d4ee5b8826f57bf30ca7bcf0cb7.png + Launch Monitor

Denver, Colorado

Home Course:  Eisenhower Golf Club, USAF Academy   usafa.png.fb60aa7a77f130b1057160837c0a4a29.png



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On 6/11/2024 at 1:30 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

Screenshot 2024-06-11 8.27.48 AM.png

Please welcome and congratulate our testers!





Congrats testers!! I look forward to seeing if the MGS MW win translates to the real world. Good luck!

In My Sun Mountain C-130 'merica Cart Bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: BRNR Mini Driver, 11.5*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 60g
Fairway: :Sub70: 949x 3w, 15*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX, 70g
Fairway: :Sub70: 949x 5w, 18*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX, 70g
Hybrid: :Sub70: 939x 4H (21*), Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Black, 90g
Irons: :Takomo: 101's, 5-PW, :truetemper: DG120 S300
Wedges: :Sub70: 286 @ 50*, JBFG @ 54* & 60*, :truetemper: DG120 S300
Putter: :Sub70: 002 Mid-Mallet @ 35", Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, Desert Camo
Ball: :maxfli: Tour & Testing :OnCore: Vero X1
Technology: :ShotScope: H4 w/ Tags, Pro L2 Rangefinder

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