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Unofficial Member Review: Edison 2.0 Wedges


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Hello everyone, I am back with another unofficial review.  As if I didn't have enough going on with the Toura CB Build and Review project, I decided I needed to work on fixing my short game woes and thought I'd try a set of the Edison 2.0 Wedges.  I've been gaming a set of Taylormade MG4 wedges (48.09SB TI X100 and 52.09SB / 56.12SB / 60.07LBV with DG TI Onyx Black X100 Shafts at +5/8") for about 2 1/2 months now, and wasn't seeing much better, if any results than I had been seeing with my set of Vokey SM9 wedges I'd given to my son.  In short, I'm looking to see if these can help me get better around the greens.  My wedge game on shots from 60+ yards out is pretty solid, and I'm getting pretty good at getting myself pretty close to the pin from that range.  In fact, I've gotten closer to the pin more often from 50-80 yards lately than I have from 25-50 or 10-25 yards.  It's sad, but unfortunately true.  


After having played an Edison wedge as a PW for a while (version 1) previously, I get emails from Edison all the time about their 2.0 wedges and the improvements they have made, so I was intrigued.  I found a used set for about the same price for 3 wedges (built as 51 / 55 / 59, but bent to 52 / 56 / 60 like my MG4s) as it would cost me to have Edison build me a single wedge with tax and shipping.  They didn't come with what I'd call my ideal shafts, but the KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts seem to be close enough in profile to at least get through a few rounds of testing to give me some idea of whether these should stick around or get flipped back out again on eBay instead.  I have played 1 full 18-hole round with these, gone back to the MG4s for a 9-hole round, and then played another 9-hole round with the Edisons.  I have also done about 30 minutes of head-to-head testing against the MG4 wedges at the PGA Tour Superstore on their indoor simulator, and that data is attached to this initial posting.


I did the testing at 75 and 90 yards for the 60-degree wedges, 75 and 100 yards for the 56-degree wedges, and at 100 and 110 yards for the 52-degree wedges.


It's too early to say whether these knock the MG4s out of the bag, and they're going to have some tough competition, as the MG4s have gotten me some really close shots lately, including a 2 1/2' wedge from 85 yards and a 6-7' wedge from 105 yards on Sunday alone.  As you can see by looking at the spin, launch, and carry data, the Edisons are not necessarily holding up to their advertised claims of better dispersion, more spin, and lower trajectory.  In fact, the Edisons lost on all 3 of those on all 3 wedges.  For the Edison 51, it had 5.3 yards of rollout, which is too much in my book.  By comparison, the MG4 carried 100.9 yards and stopped at 103.5 yards, a rollout of about 2.6 yards on average (i.e. less than half of the Edison).  For the Edison 55 versus the MG4 56 (remember, the Edisons were bent to 52, 56, and 60 degrees, respectively), the difference was 3.0 to 2.4 yards.  For the Edison 59 versus the MG4 60, the rollout difference was 1.3 yards to 0.9 yards.  Spin rates are also in favor of the MG4s, which I'd also purchased used (though barely...basically shop demos).  

I obviously need more time on the course with these, but I also don't want to just give up my on-course time for testing, so it's hard to say how much leeway I'm willing to give the Edisons.  They don't have the perfect shafts in them for my preference right now (KBS Tour S 120 versus DG Tour Issue X100), and I prefer a standard grip built up a little bit to a mid-sized grip that these have on them, so maybe a shaft swap to the X100 with the same grips I use everywhere else might change my perception.  I just have to decide if I think my wedge game needs that much effort to fix it, or if more practice might do it....


More to follow!








Edison 59 vs MG4 60_Page_1.jpg

Edison 59 vs MG4 60_Page_2.jpg

Edison 55 vs MG4 56_Page_1.jpg

Edison 55 vs MG4 56_Page_2.jpg

Edison 51 vs MG4 52_Page_1.jpg

Edison 51 vs MG4 52_Page_2.jpg

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I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered a set of X100 wedge shafts.  When the shafts arrive, I'll rebuild these onto them, give them a full shot, and then make it into the bag at that point in a head-to-head competition against the MG4s.

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I have about 5 rounds in now with the X100 shafts in the Edison wedges.  So far, I'm not 100% convinced these are going to keep the MG4s out of the bag.  In fact, I'm not convinced that the MG4s are going to keep a set of SM10s from getting into the bag at some point...

I've worked both early and late yesterday and Monday, so I've tentatively planned to head to the course for 9 holes after work today.  I have rebuilt the set PW from my P7MCs back onto the original Tour Issue X100 shaft and plan to use those irons today along with the MG4 wedges and see if those are going to be my "weapons of choice" for the next couple of weeks as I try to fight through a little bit of a funk that comes along at a bad time...right before the senior mens' club championship!  Maybe the P7MCs and MG4s help, or maybe not...maybe the Toura CBs stay in the bag through the tournament...maybe not.  We'll see!

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