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PUMA Golf - Designs Custom Shoes for Ian Poulter


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PUMA Golf has created a selection of custom Neo Classic Pro Type shoes for Ian Poulter to wear at the Ryder Cup. The Neo Classic Pro Type shoes are the style Ian has been wearing since early 2012 when he made the switch to PUMA Golf footwear.


Ian's custom Neo Classic Pro Types were designed to align with Europe's Ryder Cup outfits. The Neo Classic ProType features PUMA Golf's S2C Pro Chassis, Carbon Fiber Shank and ArchTec medial support; this combination provides the golfer with control, stability and power. The outsole features S2Quill Spikes with Performance INSert System (PINS) along with 130 S2Quill traction quills and 50 molded spikes. The replaceable and molded spikes are directionally molded to ensure maximum grip and superior traction while the PINS system provides improved balance, feel and lateral stability by bringing the golfer closer to the ground. Along with the spikes, the outsole features a full length flex groove as well as 10 forefoot flex grooves and 4 heel flex grooves for improved flexibility during your swing and while walking the course.


The Neo Classic Pro Type in Black/White and White/Black is available at select golf retailers now.

Ian Poulter PUMA Golf Ryder Cup Shoes.JPG


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Only S2Quill, S2C Pro Chassis, Carbon Fiber Shank and ArchTec medial support?? No MyFly or SmartPad in the shoes? I just love it when they use all that fancy tech c*** to sell shoes. Do you like the way they look? Do your feet like them? That´s what matters. I don´t think anyone cares about the Carbon Fiber Shank (and excellent word for golf shoe technology by the way, better than the "Heel Support Duff").


That being said, I love the Neo Classic. They are exactly what the name says - a modern shoe with a classic touch. Make them in AMP Cell colors.

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