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Kuro Kage Silver

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I stuck this up elsewhere as well but figured it would be useful here as well. Testing is ongoing as I try it out with different swing types/players but my original thoughts hold true here so far.


As some of you may know, I've been all over the Kuro Kage Black line. To date, it's been my favorite line of shafts by any OEM at any point for me. That being said, they did not suit everyone. Those with a quicker tempo were left out in cold, as were those who wanted a more boring flight. The Black produced a lovely mid flight with less spin then one would expect both for a hybrid and in a fairway but couldn't quite offer the same in a driver.


Looks like MRC has fixed that up nicely as is their want. Enter the Kuro Kage Silver line. I won't bore you with all the blah blah resin this, fibre that. Suffice to say it's the same style of construction. What's most important, is that the profile has changed. What MRC has done with the Silver is stiffen the mid section and the tip while softening the butt section. If you've ever hit a Kusala Black from Miyazaki, think something like that. The flight and the spin are both lower. More importantly it can also handle a more aggressive move at the ball. Now when I say that, I don't mean it's like a Ahina, a M3 Black Tie or a .2 series of the Speeder. It's not that burly and it incorporates a fair bit more torque into the shaft to maintain a delicious feel while getting the ball lower at the same time. This will handle those who have tempo's that are on a quick side of mid, but if you're violent, look elsewhere. Perhaps the next version will do that for you.


While we're at that though, if you're a smooth swinger, don't discount it. Those who load the shaft with a dropping motion and a smooth acceleration can use this shaft as well though your motion is going to have to be spot on. It's possible that with the softer butt section, you might feel like you're loosing the shaft through the swing or that it's not keeping up with you when that's not the case. I had a friend who constantly sliced the ball using this even though it's well within his abilities because he felt it wasn't keeping up and then got lazy with his release. With the tip stiffness the Silver has, he couldn't recover in time and left the face hanging wide open. Don't do that.

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