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Advertising Around the World, and How it Might Relate to Golf


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So, here's a link:



For those not interested in clicking it, here's an excerpt:

A Christian Dior mascara ad featuring actress Natalie Portman has been banned in England after rival makeup company L'Oreal complained that the magazine ad was misleading and exaggerated.


L'Oreal complained to Britain's Advertising Standards Authority, the independent agency that regulates advertising across all media and that takes action against advertisements that are misleading, harmful or offensive.


Now, we know how golf companies like to mislead and/or exaggerate with their advertising. I'm sure one company comes instantly to mind ;)


Since I've never been there, I'm asking any and all that have been to or live in that neck of the woods this: how is golf advertisements done there? Do they follow this code of conduct? How different is it over there, if it is at all?

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Pertaining to golf, I know that TMaG had to answer for their claims that the ASPAdjustable Sole Plate) actually provided a biomechanical benefit, as claimed(that it actually changed the angle of the face when adjusted, and not in a lab, but on the course). Supposedly, they were to put in writing in their advertising that this benefit was "visual only" and not biomechanical, though I have found nothing verifying this and the only thing that will come out of the FTC is when an "opinion" is rendered.


I would think that our regulation, vs. yours, would be a little more "free-market" oriented, regardless of who enjoys the majority vote, just based on the fundemental set-up, though I am not qualified nor do I have evidence of this, it's just my opinion. Using the bar that is set, it is far more likely that a golf OEM would get hit for claiming benefits(ala TMaG's ASP) that in fact were garbage, vs. claims of "17 more yards," cuz if a "reasonable man" reads the fine print on that claim, TMaG pretty well protects themselves. Along with a top notch marketing department, they also have capable laywers reading, rereading & dissecting every word that goes out to the public.


Although, I stood down range a bit from a guy(23 hdcp) last week who was sending ball after ball across my(I was to the right three places) line, and into the woods. I found out that he was hitting the TMaG 3FM(15*). He said to the guy next to him, "Man, that 17yd claim is bullsh*t!" So, I'm thinkin that the bar for golfers must be lower than the average guy, though again, that's just an opinion..LOL



Nicely done RP.


My experience in advertising is that the FTC tends to pay very close attention to advertising claims that might actually affect someone's health or well being - as in "take our supplement and we'll cure your incurable disease," or "invest your life savings with us and we'll double it, guaranteed!" In my industry, we have a competitor that claims their product reduces electrical consumption by 85%. What they don't tell you is that it's 85% of about 20 bucks, and you'd only have one of these in your home, so the savings are insignificant. Is this deceptive? Not really. Is it misleading? Probably. And then there's always the fine print.


TMag claims 17 more yards -- as RP says, if a reasonable man reads the fine print, that pretty much covers it. The old saying of "caveat emptor," or "let the buyer beware" is pretty good advice when buying just about anything. Of course, when the emotions take over all sanity, reason, logic and common sense take a semi-permanent vacation. I own many golf-related things that stand as testimony to that!


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