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Part 2


I started my iron CW experiment with 8, 12, and 20 gram weights in my wedges. Keep in mind my shafts are KBS Tour so they are not a light weight shaft. Unfortunately this was not a LM based like it was with the driver. Nevertheless, the addition of the CW clearly had an impact.


The 20 gram weight was best for the partial shots particularly the shorter swings but my full iron shots where coming up short. In the end I installed this in my 61* wedge since I never use it for a full shot.


The 8 gram weight wasn't enough weight for the partial shots so I didn't give them a full eval on full shots since my priority was improving the partial shots.


The 12 gram weight was just enough to help smooth out those shorter swings but did not impact my distance on the full shots. Although technically I am hitting the same clubs the same distances, with the 12 gram weights I have less of those outliers where I come up real short. The push fades that use to come up short tend to be straight pushes that still carry the normal distance. I am much more consistent in hitting a draw, I do believe the CW contribute some to this but I would be remiss in not giving the majority of that credit to my teaching pro. On the flip side as my swing has gotten better, if I make a mistake and go left, it does sometimes feel like the CW may exaggerate the issue some but it takes a bad swing to begin with (either slight OTT or a flip that gets the face looking left). I am using the standard Tour Lock Pro weight, the have a newer product that allows you to move the weight up in down in the shaft, the benefit is supposed to be the ability to tune ball flight. I have one of these Opti Vibe inserts but have not done anywork with it.


Once I settled with 12 grams in the wedges I installed the same size in the 7 & 8 iron and immediately saw a benefit.


At first I tried to go without the CW in my Cobra DWS since they are a hefty feeling club as it is but I was having some inconsistencies with these (they have 65 gram graphite shafts) that improved dramatically once I added the 12 grams. Same goes for my RBZ 3HL.


If I could afford a full LM shaft fitting session with a CW follow-up I would try the lightweight shaft concept (maybe some AT Steel Fibers) with a CW, based on my experience with the driver, I think its a valid concept. I would love to have 20 or more grams under my hands but with KBS Tour shafts that is just to much overall club weight for me but take 10 to 30 grams off my shaft weight, who knows.


I will say it is difficult to demo clubs these days because they feel so different, particularly drivers, I guess that is the only downside (or upside depending on your point of reference)...

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I did not counter weight my driver, but I did add about 40 to 50 grams to the head with lead tape and it has worked great for me. I have a faster, more violent swing and this was the only way I have found to help me control it.


It did take a few try's to get it located correctly. For me dead center on the back side with a little bit heading down toward the heel was what worked.


I actually built a very light weight jumbo grip so I guess I did the oppisite of counter-weighting and I have been hitting farther and straighter than ever.


Side note. Since this worked so well with my driver I tried it on other clubs and it did not work at all.

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On 4/18/2020 at 11:12 AM, TTCarrera said:

Anyone counterweight your entire set, using graduated weights?

The short answer to your question is "Yes".  However, I used lead foil tape under the grips instead of purpose-built weights which are inserted into the butt of the shaft.

It was an interesting experiment, and I have recently revisited it with a back-up set of irons.

In both cases, I wanted to bring swing weight down.  Adding weight to the butt will fool the SW scale, but total weight definitely increases.  That can be good or bad. 

The first time I tried this,  adding to the total weight of the club wasn't desirable at that stage in my development as a golfer. Naturally, this will vary with the individual, but I found the added weight slowed me down, and the change in feel promoted a throw move from the top.  A throw-induced two-way miss made it real easy take that tape off!

The jury is still out for my second experiment.  I wanted to reduce SW, and my swing mechanics are now such that controlling the added weight isn't as big of a deal.  However, the Coronapocalypse isn't helping.  I need some range time, and some actual golf-under-fire, before I can make an informed decision.

See here: 



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