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How much does adjustability play a role when you purchase a driver?



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  1. 1. How much does adjustability play a role when you purchase a driver?

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I hate adjusting face angle in order to increase/decrease loft, that is why I'm so looking forward to testing the new drivers in 2013.


I'm the opposite of wd. When my swing goes south, I need to lower the loft bring the trajectory down. Could also be the shaft, who knows :P

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I got my latest driver simply because it is adjustable in loft. It turns out I made a swing adjustment and have not used that option, but it was the whole reason for the change.


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                 :ping-small:  G425MAX 9w on Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.0

 Utility:    :cobra-small:  KING Forged Utility Black  4    on   UST RECOIL SMACWRAP

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I'm in between. If I can get properly fit into a driver that is not adjustable, I am just fine with that.


However my current driver is adjustable and I was able to tweak the setting to better fit my swing. So adjustability was a big plus.


It all depends on the head/shaft combo and what fits my swing best.


If I was just buying something off the rack then I would say it's a must have.

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I am in between, but that said every driver I have gamed since the original R7 has been adjustable.

Driver:         Taylormade SIM 8^  Shaft: Evolution III 6X

3 Wood:      Titleist  TSi3 13.5^   Shaft:  Project X Smoke Black RDX 6.5

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I wouldn't say that I'd never play a non-adjustable driver, but I'd less likely that I would play one. A lot of that has to do with how many shafts I test and the fact that I like to swap shafts or tweak the face every now and again.

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A lot of that has to do with how many shafts I test and the fact that I like to swap shafts or tweak the face every now and again.


+1 Exactly.

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Got tired of futzing around with the head of my Titleist early in the year and returned it to neutral, figuring adjustability was no big deal. The went to a fitting - he suggested I bring the loft down some and then was able to find a new shaft on eBay for cheap -- so the adjustability was more of a benefit. So at this point in the year, I'd say it was pretty useful...


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I've never owned an adjustable driver so if there is a benefit, I certainly wouldn't know. I have tried going to a couple of driver fittings in the past but neither produced any positive results, so I'm winging it as far as fitting goes. I recently won a UST Mamiya ATTAS T2 S6 shaft so I had to decide if I should install it in my Titleist 909D2 or purchase a new driver for it. I considered buying adjustable, but settled on a "like new" Titleist 909D3 that I found on eBay.


I now have a driver/shaft that I'm thrilled to hit every time I tee up. I don't know if it is the clubhead or the shaft (or both), but I now hit a penetrating ball with less spin that just bores through the wind. I've actually achieved the kind of results I had always hoped for when I went to a fitting. (I've had three different shafts in my 909D2 driver and none match this new combo.) Would an adjustable head make it even better? I don't know but I doubt it.


I can't thank UST Mamiya enough. This is a great head/shaft combination for me. And I don't have to worry if there is a better setting.

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I tend to find that I set it once and leave it alone. I always set them square and if I hit a bad shot I know its my fault and it just makes me work harder..

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Titleist Vokey SM4 46 degree w/ DG Spinner

Mizuno MP R12 50-54-58 DG spinner

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I've become more and more fond of it after having been somewhat resistant to it at first.

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I currently do not play an adjustable driver. While I don't see any major problems with them, I don't see myself buying one over a non adjustable driver unless I hit it better than a certain non-adjustable. This is for a number of reasons.

First, I am trying to keep my swing as consistent as possible. While there may not be much affect with adjustable, it does in my mind. Currently, I know when my swing is on because of the ball flight, trajectory, and consistency. When I am driving the ball well, I know that my swing is where I want it to be. I am somewhat worried that if I start using an adjustable driver, I will start tweaking the driver, not my swing. I at least feel as if this would cause a more inconsistent swing that changes too often

One benefit of an adjustable driver, is, like many said, being able to switch out shafts. I have never owned more than one shaft, and I just can't/ couldn't bring myself to spend the money for another shaft, or get a driver over another driver solely so that I could switch out shafts.

Not saying I wouldn't get an adjustable driver, just saying I'm not going to rule out non-adjustable drivers either when I'm in the market for a new one.

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ive not bought a driver that wasnt adjustable for a while>

i like to swap shafts around and adjustability helpsmake it so much less of a hassle

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I didn't own one until the middle of this season. Personally I like the versitility and security to know that it would be easy to swap out shafts should I want. Essentially I have a driver that I can use for the next 5 to 10 years and not think twice about it. Given that I'm equipment stable through the bag and Driver Ho this is a very, very good thing for all sorts of reasons.


Of course I may wear that stupid wrench out before the driver wears out but the wrench is cheaper than a new driver. :)

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I have gone full circle. From none- to nothing but- and back to none again.


I am not opposed to buying one, but adjustability is not high on the list of things I look for.

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Warming the bench

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