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Bunker Mentality Apparel- REVIEW


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Bunker Mentality

An Official MyGolfSpy Review






As you all know, I love doing apparel reviews. When I got word that I was doing a review for Bunker Mentality, I immediately smiled. I remembered seeing pictures in the summer of their clothes, and liking them a lot. Bunker Mentality, based out of the UK, designs their clothes with a more modern look. The colors and details you see in their clothing make them very unique, and they are a great option for the golfer who wants to be able to wear their clothes both on and off of the course.


A Very Big Thanks to GolfSpy Matt for his new grading system once again!





One thing that you have to realize with Bunker Mentality is that it is a UK company, meaning that you will get that European style. When GolfSpy Matt gave me his thoughts on Bunker Mentality, one of the first things he mentioned was that it is Euro fit. The pants are snug, and the shirts are short and tight. Not that there is anything wrong with that all. Personally, I liked the fit of everything. The pants which I got in their smallest size (a 30x32) are bigger than what I usually wear (29x29), but they fit fine. Matt got his pants two sizes bigger in the waist and they fit him nice and snug too Their short sleeve golf shirts literally have short sleeves. I thought the sleeve length was very close to one of an undershirt, while Matt said, and I quote, “It's about 1” from being a tank top.”




Their sweater, however, is one of the best fitting items in my wardrobe. It fits perfectly to size, not being too baggy or too tight, and combined with the polo makes it something you can both play golf in and wear it around. I have worn that combination off the course twice this month because not only does it look good, but it is VERY comfortable. The jacket they sent me was also very comfortable. Put comfortable on top of comfortable, and that equals an even more comfortable outfit.


On a scale from “Baggy” to “Spandex”: Tight








I love the modern and funky look of the Bunker Mentality products. With the right combinations, I think their clothes work VERY well when it comes to style. I do believe they are targeting a younger portion of the golfing c ommunity, but I can see both twenty and sixty year-olds in these clothes and looking good. That being said, some of their products made me feel like I was a racecar ready to race in the Daytona 500. With the jacket, I had a HUGE logo on the front, with badges on both sides of me, and another logo on the back. See what I mean?






Other than that, I loved the clothes. Everything was modern, young, and fashionable. As a part of what I consider their target demographic to be, I think they are doing a great job with the style and I truly believe that this funky style will catch on.


On a scale from “Dull” to “Fowler”: Sergio meets Loud Mouth




I was surprised that with the whole outfit on, which included the pants, belt, jacket, sweater, and polo, that I was not restricted in anyway whatsoever during my golf game. So, not only was able to stay warm on the golf course in the post-Sandy weather, but I was able to perform like it was 70 degrees out with my most comfortable polo and pair of pants on.


On a scale from “Bust a Move” to “Busting Seams”: Excellent






As far as value goes, I think Bunker Mentality apparel is a good value. The quality is great in all of their clothing, and they offer various different prices so that golfers of all income can enjoy that quality when they want. The following are the prices for everything pictured in the review:

  1. Cmax Rockford Aqua: £49.95 ($64.02)
  2. H2OFF Broken Star Pant Black: £80.00 ($102.50) Their regular golf pant (non-water proof) is £69.00 ($88.43)
  3. Bunker Ball Belt Black: £60.00 ($76.90)
  4. Bunker Merino V Neck Jumper Black Marl: £75.00 ($96.12)
  5. CMax Events Bubblegum Pink: £49.95 ($64.02)
  6. Bunker Logo Zipper Red: £75.00 ($96.12)


On a scale from “I'll take one of each” to “You must be joking”: Good (especially if you use the coupon code)


Coupon Code


Bunker Mentality has been very generous and are providing MyGolfSpy with an exclusive 20% off coupon code for their apparel when you spend more than £50 (which is very easy to do) . Just type “GOLFSPY20” at the checkout screen. These clothes are at a good price to begin with, so this coupon just adds to the value you are getting.


Final Thoughts

Bunker Mentality is offering a more modern, funky style to the golf world. That style, mixed with the great quality of their apparel, is what makes Bunker Mentality both unique and good buy for golfers. I was not lying when I said that the V-neck sweater has become one of my favorite things to wear off the course. Versatility is big selling point when it comes to golf clothes, and they definitely have that at Bunker Mentality.

Inside My Blue Callaway Warbird X Golf Stand Bag:

Driver:Nike SQ 10.5* with Graphite Design Y6+

3W:Cobra S2 14*

4W: Nike SQ Dymo 17*

3H and 4H: Taylormade Rescue 19* and 22*

5H: Cleveland Mashie 23*

6H: Adams a3os Hollow-Back

7Iron-Sand Wedge:Callaway X-20 Series with Callaway Steel

Lob Wedge (60*):Cleveland CG-12 Black Pearl with Cleveland TRaction Steel Wedge Flex

Putter: Odyssey Versa #9

Golfball: Callaway Hex Black Tour

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They have some great stuff. Love the style and the the quality and fit is very good. Some of the cotton piques are a bit "heavy", fabric feels thick.


I'll use the coupon now :)

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Agree Furu, the pique they use at Bunker Mentality is a little to heavy for me as well.

They have some great stuff. Love the style and the the quality and fit is very good. Some of the cotton piques are a bit "heavy", fabric feels thick.


I'll use the coupon now :)


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Interesting timing, 4golfonline just posted a



Obviously it's informal, but I find it fun to see people hit shots out of puddles for the sake of clothing reviews :)


Also, Frank, I just want to say that you wrote up a great review... Sounds like quality product, and I definitely have my eye on that sweater

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I too am a big fan of Bunker Mentality. I literally wear the wind jacket everyday. While the sweaters are tight, as long as you are comfortable with your masculinity, they are very cool. Plus, the price is way below what I would expect. While the shirts do not hold up quite as well as a more premium brand, they do quite well and as I said, they are about 1/2 of the price. Thumbs up!

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