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What little things make or break a golf course for you?

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#1 for me is always the layout followed by #1B being pace of play- sometimes I can handle a slow round if its on an awesome course. Number 2 is always green conditions- i am kind of a snob when it comes to green conditons. They dont have to be 13 or anything like that- i dont care if their rolling at 8- i just want consistent greens.Followed by fairway condition, bunker conditions, then tee boxes. I don't even care about the rough condition, carts, the staff, or their policies and procedures because I have no control over that stuff and who cares about rough-


I generally choose where I want to play, so if there is a facility where I don't care for the staff or layout or policies I simply will not play there. However I give every course a shot!


Agree 1000% on consistent green conditions. All 8 great. All 11's even better. Nothing worse than three greens being super fast followed by a super slow green. Granted position of a green (higher, lower elevation, slope, proximity to shade/sunlight ) can make slight adjustments , but basic uniformity is what I'm looking for. Tee boxes too. I like grass on them and in my fairways :)


Oh and yardage markers. Need them. I don't have a laser. Simple stakes are perfect. But have them. I don't like guessing, especially on a course I've never played before

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This has been a good topic to read about. I am a Golf Course Superintendent and have sent out a few resumes over the last week or so. I wanted you all to read the end of my cover letter and I believe it pretty much sums up what you all are talking about aside from a few things.


"Personal values and wholesome ethics motivate me to strive for optimal performance, and I pride myself for being an individual who has earned the trust and respect of all for whom I have worked and of all who have worked for me. While it is easy to make a golf course green, it is the combination of attention to detail and kind service given to the members and guests which truly separate a memorable golf experience from the mediocre. I would be honored to have the opportunity to both share and further develop my talents at the"


One thing I've learned about this business is it's so hard to get a customer to return after you have lost them because of a horrible experience. You may get new customers in there but overtime it's the repeat business that will pay your bills. It's a shame that some of the owners, management companies, and Pro's out there do have the attitude of you need us we don't need you.


If anyone knows anywhere looking to hire a Superintendent let me know :)

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Very nice turfman - I'll keep my ears to the ground here.

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What will keep me away is a ranger/marshal that follows me around and badgers me about holding the group behind us up. No one in my group plays that slow. All of us can get around a golf course without any problem. It seems this guy just wants to be "importent". I also don't tolerate a course with a snobby, arrogant clientele that acts like you shouldn't be allowed to play there.


What keeps me coming back is a friendly staff that acts like they want my business.

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I agree with Apprenti23 and Whiskey Golf's posts.


I hope I don't offend anybody here, but I see a great inconsistency between a number of posts here. A large number of "pace of play" being important and then a lot of "a-hole marshall" comments.


I'll say this, I have never seen a marshall harass a group that was not right up with a group in front of them. Marshalls only have to act or interact with a particular group when the pace of play by a group is slow. Some marshalls are better than others in interpersonal dealings and many could do their jobs better, but if a marshall is compelled to interact with your group, doesn't that mean that your group has fallen behind?? Eliminate your problem, and you eliminate a problem with the marshals.


Unless, perhaps, they are referring to marshalls who aren't leaning on groups ahead to keep up the pace of play, which I have run into and which I would agree would be a problem.


All it takes is one group to slow up a whole course.

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

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When the next group is two holes behind you, there is no reason for a marshall to be an A-hole.


But that's how he knows he's a marshall rolleyes.gif


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I don't mind pace of play so much if its not ridiculous. The staff being helpful and courteous is a must, but the people who play the course will also determine whether or not I return as well, when the locals who have played the course for a long time (and think they own the course), give someone a hard time, that ruins the course for me. I don't really care the condition of the course as long as the price reflects it, some o f those dirt tracks can be very tough courses if you give them a chance, and

you might just meet some great people as well.

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