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Hopefully something like this will happen with US retailers


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For one day only, 9,900 won golf clubs


If you're a golfer, make sure you circle this Saturday on your calendar, pack 9,900 won ($8.58) into your wallet and locate your nearest E-Mart.


The nation's largest discount store chain, run by the Shinsegae Group, announced yesterday that it would sell the TaylorMade Golf r7 Iron, on that day only, for 9,900 won, a discount of up to 80 percent off the actual market price.


The club is sold at around 50,000 won in stores, and can't be had online for less than 30,000 won.


Stockpiles of around 20,000 clubs are set to be sold in its 122 branches nationwide, said the retailer, which operates a total of 127 branches.


Shinsegae said the store was able to offer the discounts by back-ordering the clubs from multiple sources overseas.


“We expect to attract consumers, especially those who have just started learning golf by offering them a club [suitable for novices] at a reasonable price,” said Lee Byung-kil from E-Mart.


“We plan to offer more discount events for golf-related items, such as full club sets, putters, woods, golf balls and bags, at lower prices in the future through overseas direct sourcing and parallel imports.”

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I just hope they're not fakes from neighbor China :lol:



Are fakes from another country, like the USA, any better? Unless I'm missing something, is the offer for a single club or a set. it ses at the bottom of the article, in the future, they hope to offer sets of clubs.

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Seems to me I recently signed up for something like that with T/M here in the good ole' USA with one caveat - they are free, no 9,900won or whatever the currency is. ;)


Now whether I get one is another story :o



I Can't Help It If I'm Lucky...

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