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Random Musings on Nike Covert

Super Tuna

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Figured I'd try to consolidate my ramblings on the new Nike equipment in once place, so here it shall be.


As usual, lets kick things off with a nice controversial state: With the Covert line, Nike is going to finally make not only inroads into the bags of the general population, but massive in roads.


I've got a bunch of numbers and ramblings to put together here but the Covert line from top to bottom is solid. The stock Covert tour abolished by fitted driver along with all the other new offerings from this year I tried. AND there's still remove for improvement (spinning to much. All the fault of my sucky swing, but I need some help there).


Flex loft works like a hot damn. Set it to left, the ball only wants to go left. Set right, bob's your uncle if he plays on the right side anyway. Set to 9.5 and I was hitting frozen ropes. Up to 11.5 and towering bombs of all carry distance was the order of the day. I do wish the shafts were heavier in both models but whatever.


For the fairways, I almost broke my rule and actually liked one. That damn performance model was a breeze. Got up quick from the turf quite easily. Even more impressive was that I could make it go either direction. It did require a bit of effort since it wants to stay straight.


Wasn't a fan of the Tour fairway. Felt slightly different, I couldn't get along with the Silver while smoothing the swing and it set up WIDE open. Nike can say 1* all they want. That thing was more open for business then a Casino.


Simialr thoughts on the hybrids. The performance model is excellent. Nice and squat so you can get the ball out of the rough with ease, but not so deep that you can't pick it off the fairway. Get's up super, super quick and then carries. Very much a rainbow flight. I actually found it hard to flight down without serious effort. I love my Razr hybrids with KK's, they've been the only staple club the past year and a half. I'd happily change them for the Performance model today.


The Tour hybrid mirrored the fairway for me. Sat wide open and I simply couldn't get along withthe KK Silver. Looked nice though.


I need to spend some more time with the irons, but initially I'm impressed. Not as large as I feared, ease to keep the straight but can be manipulated with some effort. Damn good ball speeds. Right up there with the Rocketbladz, 825's, etc for distance. I'd really like to see how they would perform on the turf, but I found them fairly nice even with a shaft I dislike a great deal.


Now, I'm somewhat of a Nike homer at heart ever since I fell in love with the Pro Combo's. I was however not expecting to like them this much. After hitting the hybrids and feeling fairly suprised at the performance, I moved on to the Amp Cell and the Stage 2 RBZ's. I expect the Cobra to be close and the TM to kill both. The Cobra wasn't in the same league as the other two and the Covert was more consistent then the Stage2 for me.


More ramblings later. Need to sleep and ponder.

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A local Muni Pro Shop in Tampa is selling the Covert for $260 and you can order your shaft, paying any up barges. That's $39 less than Dicks

Driver: image.png.6ba1c8a254ad57aa05e527b74c2e04ba.png0311 XF 10.5* w/Project X Cypher 40 gram Senior shaft

Fairways:  image.png.80321f01fc46450b6f428c7daf7b3471.png0211 5W & 7W w/ Evenflo Riptide CB  regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W w/Fubuki HD50 regular shaft

Hybrid: None in bag at the moment

IronsTitleist T300 5-PW w/Fubuki MV Senior graphite shafts w/Golf Pride Tour

Wedges: Titleist T300 48* GW w/Fubuki MV Senior shaft and Edison forged 53* and 57* wedges with KB PGI Senior shafts(80 grm).

Putter: 33” Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip or Bellum Winmore Model 707,   or Nike Method Core Drone  w/Evnroll Gravity Grip

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black/Lime). 

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG, Titleist Pro V1x or Titleist TruFeel

Using Shot Scope X5 and MG4000 Rangefinder


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Wasnt impressed with either. Loved the smaller head look of the tour that felt good on center hits just felt overly dead as well....didnt see a big distance jump like with the XHOT Pro or the RFE. The adapter again, is huge over everyone elses looks a bit odd but the tech. of loft and face angle is very cool.....Kuro Kage sucks. No feel at all....My advice if your gonna buy one of these, get a different shaft aside from either of the KUroKage offerings....

R11s 9 Open ASP w/Aerotech Powercoil 65X tipped 1"

Cally XHot 15 w/ Powercoil 65S

Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 18 w/Player Spec Stiff HS 1X

Miura 501s 3-P w/Player Spec Stiff HS 1x

TM XFT 54/60 w/Steelfiber i125s

PING Nome TR SS Ultra Thin Red

ALL Irons/Woods PURE Isle of Capri Pure Pro std w/2 wraps

Srixon XV Yellow

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I haven't hit the Covert drivers yet, but what got me really interested is something Bruce R. said. The spin is low enough on the tour/pro/black faced version that you can play a higher spin ball. I never thought about that as an effect of going to a really low spin driver combo. I tend to think of ball and driver as separate things.

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