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HUGE CONTEST - "Biggest Golf Forum Launch Contest Ever!"


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Here are some pics of the Cleveland Classics BRZ 4.5 33 inch putter I got. First off, the feel is nicer than any insert that i have ever felt. It perfectly blends softness and hardness, and it is comparable in feel to my Scotty. I usually play 34 inch putters, but I decided to get this one in 33 inches to try that out, and now I am never going back. It just fits my stroke soooo much better, and I have decided to get my Scratch putter 33 inches as well. The BRZ could maybe still do with a few inches flat, but for now it is great. Not sure what is going to stay in the bag in the short term, but long term I imagine the Scratch will win. Still though, I have been pleasantly surprised with this putter, even though I've only had it a day, and I would (and will) recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap putter.


The pics aren't great, but I'm not a photographer and it is really wet and windy out. Maybe I'll take some more pics outside soon. For some reason the only way I could get the flash to not glare was to hold it in front of a light, so that made them a little blurry.







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