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Not sure if this is the correct area to post. Just have a question

Does anyone here know Stacy Lewis, I think she has a very inspirational story especially for young women, she has scoliosis,

Which is a curvature of the spine, I have read a little about her, I know she has had the surgery which puts steel rods in your spine, and then to go on last year and win the LPGA player of the year. My daughter has scoliosis as well, and may possibly be having this surgery soon. I would like to maybe write a letter or something to Stacy Lewis but not sure how to go about it, does anyone here know a way.


It really bugs me that stories like Stacy's are not being shown, anywhere, when there are young people out here who might need to see a story like hers to show that you can make something good out of something that seems bad.

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I do know her agent. (And I've met Stacy a couple of times) The best way to reach her is to write her a letter via the LPGA. I would imagine the address would be something like:


Stacy Lewis

C/O Ladies Professional Golf Association

100 International Golf Drive

Daytona Beach, Florida 32124-1092


They get fan mail all the time and will give her the letter at the 1st opportunity.

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Thanks guys,


I think her story is really good, and could inspire a lot of young people, especially when you think about what the surgery entails, to be able to swing a golf club is amazing, but to be one of the best on tour, is one of the best stories in golf.

Lefties are always in their Right Mind

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