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I'm curious why total club weight is never included in club specifications. For putters, the head weight is often specified, but total weight is never mentioned. The weight of graphite shafts and iron shafts is always published and provides a guideline,but after trimming and paired with a clubhead of unknown weight, total weight can vary considerably. Cleveland is the only company I know that publishes total weight of drivers.


I have a swingweight scale and it's often surprising how much the total weight of similar clubs can vary. I have some irons that vary in weight by well over a full ounce. Yes, one set has lightweight steel shafts but the head weights are different too. And I have a new 2013 driver that supposedly has a lighter shaft, but my older driver is 15 grams lighter. The adjustable feature is certainly not weightless. Based on my experience, total weight is a much better indicator of how a club or putter will play and feel than swingweight. I think total weight has a considerable influence on proper club-fitting.


I'm not trying to complicate the upcoming driver test, but I would be very interested in knowing the total weight of each driver that is tested.

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I've often asked this question and the answer I seem to always get is because it's not all that relevant. Since the purpose of a golf club is to be in motion when it's used it's all about its in use weight - hence - swing weight.

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Like Rev said it's about the weight while in motion. A heavier overall weighted club with a swingweight of D0 should actually feel lighter than an overall lighter weighted club with a swingweight of D7.


Getting properly fit should allow you to find out if a heavier or lighter shaft is what works best for you. Plus with the current tolerances that club manufacturers use it would be very hard to list a consistent overall club weight.



It's kind of like listing what the vertical height of a TV is when you want to know how big it is. It's a valid measurement, but doesn't help you find a 55" TV.

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