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Mechanical or Natural

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I don't want to be misunderstood when I post in the forum, I am purely a natural golfer, I grew up playing all sports and have a natural way that is not taught. I don't care about the technical side of the game for most things, when I post I try to bring a side of the game that a lot people don't.understand, I know there is a technical side of golf that can be helpful, but don't discount having natural abilities as not right. I feel that's what I get here sometimes, you don't have to know about all of the technical aspects of the game to be a good golfer, I think you have to find what works for you and use it, if that is using all of the technical data, or using your natural ability, you should use what is comfortable for you.

I am sorry if some of my posts haven't been up to the level that the guys that have a lot of knowledge on the technical aspects of the game, but natural ability can be an asset in the game as well. I don't have unlimited funds to purchase new clubs all the time, or get lessons, so i make do with what i have, or maybe buy a new shaft once in a while, or find something on sale, I have never been fitted for a driver, or 3 metal, I was fitted for my irons for length and lie, mainly because spending that money I felt it was nessecary to do so. I play to around an 8 hcp. On a course with a slope rating of almost 74, my perspective on the game is different, so I try to bring a different mindset to the forum. Thanks for allowing me to put opinions on here, and hope to continue to do so, because we can all help each other get better, I think that is the goal here.

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You might be surprised at how many golfers play the way you do. I'm somewhat the same way. I was blessed with very good hand/eye coordination. I was into martial arts for many years, and competed regularly. I played tennis at an above average level for a good portion of my youth. I've been told that there is no way I can hit a muscleback type iron, but I seem to hit them just fine. ;)


Having said that, I'm intrigued by the technical side of the game. I love to read about the new stuff and the why's and wherefor's of things. It's all good. As long as you are enjoying playing and striving to get better, that's really all that matters. :)

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I agree 100%. I think when I play poorly it's cause I'm trying to do things "the right" way instead of just doing what feels natural to me. Coming from playing basketball for a long time it's hard not to just do what's natural instead of worrying about precise technique. I do enjoy learning new things about my swing and ways to improve it but if it doesn't feel right I find that it ends up hurting more than helping me

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Lefty - certainly you can post as you wish and no one here is going to go ballistic unless it's pure you know what and even then its a fun sort of ballistic.


I am a bit confused by the thread title - is it mechanical or natural (misunderstood) or are both misunderstood? No matter the intent I would say that both can be misunderstood.


I think that in the end you have to learn the fundamentals of any sport - Since it was brought up I was taught to shoot in basektball - did I play before I was taught - of course but at some point a coach worked with me on how to get my elbow in when shooting because it was more efficient.


Certainly you wouldn't think about your shot within the flow of the game because it happens so fast but free throws are very much like unto golf - if you spend your time thinking about your mechanics while shooting a free throw I'm guessing that you will actually end up with poor mechanics - if instead you just focus on the front of the rim (like you were taught) you'll make a high percentage of shots. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a mechanical player or a natural player (usually described as feel) you need good mechanics to execute the shot and you can't be thinking about those mechanics while you're executing the shot (you need to see it and feel it). You need both.


By the way even though I'd consider myself more a mechanical player than a feel player I look at the hole when I putt - I do it primarily because for me its like throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball - you look at the target when you do that. Full swings I look at the ball because to me that's more like trying to hit a baseball. When I'm playing the less I think about mechanics the better I'll be.


If anyone wants to buy a driver off the rack without being fit it's their perogative - you certainly can change your swing to make it fit the club - for centuries that's the way it was done - it's only recently that clubs have been made to fit the individual - my question is - why work so hard when for very little extra you can have a club that fits your swing.

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