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FIRST LOOK: Mantis Golf Putter

GolfSpy Dave

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The Mantis Golf Putter




I bet that those of you who went to the PGA show noticed this little beauty from the new company Mantis Golf.

This is definitely not your lost in the masses putter. The bold green color and the turtle shell/Independence Day alien spacecraft shape demand your attention.

Their idea about using a green head to let the ball and alignment line stand out has been tried before by Nike with the iC line of a few years back.

How did it work for Nike? Well, is anyone still gaming an iC? (My friend Charles is, but we can ignore him. He he actually grips his putter with one hand below the grip. Seriously, :unsure: )




Will the bold design and color allow this new company to become a fixture in the putter market? Perhaps!

Is there performance in that green paint? Definitely!

Will I ever be able to not yell "Turtle Power" after I drain a putt with it? Not a chance!




Tune in soon for the complete review.

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Interesting, I like the look of it for some reason. Looking forward to the review!

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