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Miura Golf MG Hybrid


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Miura Golf MG Hybrid


Over the last couple of years, I have struggled to to fill the gap between my fairway woods, and four iron. It became even more important to me as I switched playing venues to a home course with longer par 3's. I struggled to find a hybrid that actually replaced the three iron in design and function. The MG Hybrid truly fills the gap as a three iron replacement in many ways.


I had the MG Hybrid built with the Steel Fiber hybrid shaft from Aerotech. According to Aerotech, the Steel Fiber shaft is the perfect blend of steel and graphite all in one shaft, and that's exactly how it performs. Prior to having it installed in this head, I had not previously hit Steel Fiber shafts, but they feel incredible yet are every bit as consistent as a steel shaft. They use 59 miles of specialized steel that covers a high modulus graphite core. It really is a nice transition from steel shafts in the irons, to graphite in the woods. The grey metallic look to the shaft is unique.


Aesthetically, looking down upon the MG Hybrid, is the IP black finish and all black face. The height from the sole to top-line are relatively compact much like an iron at address. At 43mm, it's about the same height as a golf ball. Additionally, there is a distinct blade-like look to the face and top line. It gives the appearance of a forgiving forged 3 iron rather than a traditional looking hybrid. It's a look that generates confidence at address. When you flip the club over for a look at the sole, you readily notice the stepped appearance. According to Miura, this provides the optimal placement of the center of gravity for the head, low but not bottomed out. It also provides added performance in turf interaction, especially out of the rough.


The MG Hybrid has a solid metallic thwack sound at impact which was slightly louder than I anticipated but not in a negative way. The flight of the ball is consistent with the flight of a three iron and a very penetrating mid-trajectory flight. I found myself thinking it's exactly how I want the flight to look off the 3 HB in contrast to what I was previously hitting. Both off the tee, and out of the rough, the MG Hybrid plays more like a forgiving iron than a traditional hybrid. Typically, I would play my hybrids more like a fairway wood with more of a sweeping downswing. However, with the MG Hybrid, I really feel like I can hit down on the ball and play it exactly like an iron. The look at address inspires this feel, and the sole design allows the head to perform in this fashion. With an iron-like look and performance, I found this hybrid really performs well out of the rough, and troubled lies. In fact, I felt this club out performed anything else I have tried to date in the market out of the rough.


For the first time, I have found a club that actually does what it was designed to do, which is to replace the three and four irons in your bag. In the past, I always felt I was hitting a quasi 7 wood in this slot, while the three iron slot remained vacant. The look, feel, sound, and most importantly, performance of this Hybrid is truly something different in the hybrid category; a true iron replacement hybrid from one of the most respected manufacturers in the business.




Miura Golf MG Hybrid

Aerotech Steel Fiber 85 HB Stiff Flex

Loft: 20* (HB3)


















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Way to go! Nice Miura hybrid, discerning taste. I think they are much nicer looking than popular hybrids, IF I would play one, this would be it!



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Locations in San Diego and Mountain View, California

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Great review. And a great looking hybrid. You're one lucky guy. I was eyeballing one of these the other day. Would be great to replace my Nakashima with one of those. But the missus is keeping me in check. ;)

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