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The team at Cobra Golf has asked us to round up 6 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to test their latest game-improvement iron, the AMP Cell.


The 6 readers chosen by the MyGolfSpy Staff will receive their very own set of Cobra AMP Cell irons. Those same 6 readers will be asked to provide other MyGolfSpy readers with a comprehensive review of Cobra's latest game-improvement iron. Thorough is what we do, and we ask the same of our readers. Please don't apply if you're not willing to do the work.


Cobra has made some pretty bold claims about the AMP Cell. They're promising “explosive distance and pinpoint accuracy“.


Does the AMP Cell iron deliver?


I don't know. It's your job (at least it could be) to find out.



  • Must be a resident of planet earth (women must be right-handed)
  • Must be a MyGolfSpy Forum Member in good standing
  • Must be able to string sentences together in a coherent fashion (wit and humor are a bonus)
  • Must be capable of producing quality photos of golf equipment
  • Must have willingness, time, and ability to thoroughly test a set of Cobra AMP Cell Irons
  • Must embody the spirit of Cobra-PUMA Golf

How To Enter


Check out the AMP Cell Irons on Cobra's Website. If you think the AMP Cell Irons could help your game, enter to become a MyGolfSpy Club Tester.


To enter, leave a comment in this thread that contains the following:

  • Your current handicap (or your average 18 hole score)
  • An original photo of something (anything) golf-related
  • In no more than 2 paragraphs, tell us how you meet the last requirement (how do you embody the spirit of Cobra-PUMA Golf?).


MyGolfSpy Community Testers for Cobra AMP Cell Irons

1. hckymeyer

2. Barbajo

3. Mrs.Manbearpig

4. Highlander

5. Paul S.


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My current handicap is 15.4



I think like Cobra Puma Golf I'm alway looking to improve my game get that extra inch. And I love the bright colors.

This picture was a 7 iron from 155 it hit the flag stick so hard it ended up 50 feet away it was pretty funny( not at the time!)but in hindsight LOL! This weekend i hit a lob wedge stinger that hit the flag and droped straight down so im even with the flag stick at this point.I'm still looking for my first hole in one maybe these irons might be the ticket to cross that off my bucket list.


Driver- Taylormade SLDR 12* (Speeder 7.2vc tour spec S)

3 Wood- Taylormade R11(bimatrix prototype S)

3 Hybrid- Ping I20(stock S)

Irons-Taylormade Tour Perferred MC ( C Taper S)

Wedges- 50, 54, and 58 SCOR4161( KBS)

Putter-Taylormade Ghost Corza.


All Left Handed!

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Current index is a 5.


Here's my setup:




Although these are a GI iron and not really similar to what I am playing right now, I like the look and the shape of them moreso than most irons in the GI category. I've been considering trying a move to a more forgiving iron style and what better way to do that than to give these a real good tire kicking and help out MGS out in the process by writing about it? Plus, I can use MGS as cover for why I'm trading out my musclebacks for a GI club!


I don't know if I embody the Cobra-Puma spirit. If that means wearing flashy colors and stiff wide brimmed ball caps, or matching my grips and ferrules to my shoes, then I probably don't. If that means having an appreciation for good gear and a willingness to step out of my normal comfort zone and give something a fair shot and giving an unbiased review of my impressions, then I most certainly do! My first set of "real" irons were Cobra Gravity Backs. That was a long time ago, I'd like to see how things have changed with the new Cobra-Puma partnership!


Thanks for the opportunity!

Ping I20 8.5* - Aldila NV 65g S
Adams XTD Super Hybrid 15* - Stock Fubuki S
Adams DHY 21* - Stock Matrix Ozik White Tie S
Mizuno MP58 4-8 Irons - Fujikura MCI 100 S
SCOR 42,46,50,54,58* - SCOR/KBS Genius S
STX Robert Ingman Envision TR 35", Iomic grip

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Your current handicap (or your average 18 hole score): 4.8 handicap

An original photo of something (anything) golf-related


2013-04-03 08.20.49.jpg



In no more than 2 paragraphs, tell us how you meet the last requirement (how do you embody the spirit of Cobra-PUMA Golf?).


I'm a performance guy that likes to make a statement. Cobra golf brings a product to market in a new, bold ,and honest way. The flash gets my attention but i'd like to test and see if the performance puts their clubs in my bag.


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Current handicap is 6.6




I think this picture is a good example of how I embody Cobra-PUMA golf. I enjoy having fun on the course and don't mind being a little flashy. You'll never catch me in a flat brim, but my grips, ferrules, shoes and cart all match. For me golf is about getting out on the course with a bunch of buddies, shooting well and having a ton of fun. I can honestly say I don't think you could find another tester that would have as much fun on the course as I would while giving these irons a full and unbiased review. Ok, well maybe if another tester got to play with Blair O'Neal there is a slim possibility they could have more fun than me, but I'd need pictures as proof :)


I've been debating going to a GI iron for a last month. I think my game could greatly benefit from something with a little more forgiveness. I can't wait to put in both the range time and on course time to give these a thorough review, and then come back and share my experiences with the MGS community. I am looking forward to the opportunity to give something back to the community (in the form of a great review) as a thank you to all the great reviews that I've benefited from in the past.

post-4209-018056300 1363909606.jpg

Driver: :callaway-logo-1: Epic SZ w/ VA Composites Raijin 65 04

3w: :taylormade-small:'16 M2 hl w/ Diamana D+ 82

5w: :cleveland-small: Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :ping-small: 5i-UW G700 w/ X100 soft stepped once

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 & 58 CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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306712_329331573820455_1564677450_n.jpgCurrent HDCP 1.6


I think my game is similar to the Cobra Puma Brand in that my style is a little loud, exciting and flashy. Only their stuff is a lot better and much better looking. The clubs they are putting out right now are gorgeous both in your hand and at address. I play a similar model to these so it would be interesting to see just how much better the Cobra irons are. The Cobra/Puma Brand has a style with the bright colors and high contrast both in clothes and equipment that exudes a little brash swagger. Love everything about it!

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Those are some beautiful irons - and I'd love the opportunity to review them for the crew!


Current handicap is 11


I would like to think I embody the spirit of Cobra-Puma golf in a very unique way. Although I'm a tad out of what appears to be their target demographic (age 52), and can be a bit of a traditionalist, I do like a bit of flare to my game. Splashes of color and style make the game much more fun, and there's nothing in the rule book that says clubs can't be stylish, too! Now, I seriously doubt I'd be able to ever pull off bright orange slacks and a flat-brim hat, but I did play high school soccer in a pair of Puma's! And I'm the father of teen-agers. They think I'm incredibly hip. Just ask 'em, as soon as they stop rolling their eyes.


Also, my wife claims I'm afflicted with ADD, so anything new, bright and shiny catches my eye and I fixate on it. The Cobra Amp Cell sticks are certainly new, incredibly bright and wicked shiny! I'd love the opportunity to review them for MGS, and promise my level best to provide you with a thorough, honest and complete review.


And my kids will help coordinate my wardrobes during testing - nothing like color coordinating with your irons!


And for the pix:


sad clubs.jpg


Winter's finally over!



sharp dressed man.jpg


"Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man...."


What's in the bag:
Driver:  Sub 70 639D - 9.5; :cleveland-small: Launcher HB Turbo; :mizuno-small: ST 190 
FW Wood: :tour-edge: Tour Edge EXS 220 - 15*; :mizuno-small: ST 180 14*
Hybrids:  PXG 0311 22
Utility Irons: :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Utilities 18, 21, 24*;  Lynx VT Stinger - 16*
Irons::wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged; :benhogan-small:PTx Pro, :macgregor-small: VIP 1025 V-Foil MB/CB; :wilson_staff_small: Progressives (circa 1993)

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX -2, :benhogan-small:Riviera 52-56-60; :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model
Putter:   :edel-golf-1:  Willamette,  :bettinardi-small: BB8,  :benhogan-small:Baby Ben

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X (2020); :srixon-small: Z-STAR XV

Stat Tracker/GPS Watch: :ShotScope:

Follow @golfspybarbajo

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Great to see such a nice looking iron set to be reviewed. Thanks MGS and Cobra! Look forward to reading the reviews (and possibly even writing one and having lots of conversations about them). My cap is oscillating around 10 at the moment, and despite 2 university degrees and being a teacher, I promise you I can string 2 (or occasionally more) sentences together. Being a supply teacher, and being at a school where it ends at 2:30 every day when I do work (5 weeks left!), I play a round literally every day the weather allows, so it would be no problem for me to be comprehensive in my review.


I believe I embody the Cobra/Puma spirit. I am all about performing my best while looking my best, and always trying to make my best even better.

Every year I hear more and more good things about C/P, and would love to be associated more with such a great brand (already have a few orange/blue hats and shirts, and my wife's clubs are all Cobra). As I'm always trying to get better, the possible increased distance and the V-Skid sole intrigue me.


Good luck to everybody!




P.S. My pic is of my home course's 16th hole. Beastly ~180 yard par 3 that often determines tournament champions. OB fence along trunk of the trees left and long, deep deep bunker covering 80% of the front.

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Current Handicap - 7.9

Original photo of me at Spyglass last week. I'd like to think I am pretty good with a camera on the course & in the photo lab afterwards for brightening up my golf photos.




As I hope you can see in the above photo, golf is a very colorful experience for me. I have no hesitation to mix yellow/gray shoes with lime green socks, a mint green shirt, and some old school Oakley Frogskin sunglasses. Much to the dismay of my wife, the colors don't stop there as this year I went with blue as my iron color of choice. Blue/white NDMC grips & blue w/ double white striped ferrules are nicely accented by the blue and white logo on my PXi shafts.


Throughout their history, Cobra has shown a willingness to push the envelope in technology while also ensuring that their products are visually appealing. The AMP Cell irons are the latest evolution of this spirit as they are the first irons (to my knowledge) to offer you 4 bold color options. Combining Cobra's beautiful AMP cell technology and my colorful, quirky golf mind is the perfect marriage of fashion, functionality, and fotography (ok maybe I went too far there). At any rate, it will make for a review worth reading...

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I think I embody the spirit of Cobra/Puma in that I'm willing to try new things with an open mind and not necessarily dismiss a product or idea just because it goes against the establishment. When Puma came out with golf apparel I bought a polo, not because Rickie was wearing it or because it was different, but because it was the best (IMO) golf shirt technology on the market at the time (I'm usually a Nike loyalist when it comes to apparel... and for good reason, they make some great stuff). The Puma shirt was as good as anything I'd ever tried and the cut fit my body the best (I wish more companies would use the same cut!).


I'll be honest though, I do also like the bright colors and new age look of Cobra/Puma's clubs... I recently bought the 2012 Baffler 3H and love it... the bright yellow grip is a nice touch too. I'd love to assist in testing out the new Amp Cell irons as I'm currently in the market for a new set and they were already on my list to try out. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.


Handicap - 18

Golf Drive.JPG

WITB (Nike Hybrid Carry):


Taylormade R1 Black Fubuki 60s

Nike VR Pro 3W 15* Project X 6.0

Adams Pro A12 3H 20* Aldila RIP Phenom S

Adams DHY 24* Matrix Ozik White Tie S

Adams CMB 5-PW KBS Tour C-Taper s-flex

Titleist Vokey SM5 52* True Temper Gold s200

Titleist Vokey SM4 56* True Temper Gold s200

Nike VR Pro Forged 60* True Temper Gold s400

Ping Cadence TR Ketsch 355g

Taylormade Lethal

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Hi my name is Al, I am a 12 handicap and love Puma golf as well as Cobra. I currently game the ZL Encore driver 10.5 and Rocketbladez irons. The driver is as powerful as it is beautiful to look at. I only wear Puma shoes--have 7 pairs - and Puma or Loudmouth outfits. I am all about the Puma/Cobra style. Looks as well as performance is what Puma stands for. As for the new Cobra Amp Cell irons---i am dying to get them on the Bethpage Black and see what they can do. My favorite thing to do is stand on the tee box at 1, and look around. The looks i get for my shoes and outfits is priceless...especially after i hit a good opening tee shot. Looks and I can hit the little white ball !!!


I think I am a great candidate to give these an honest review !! By the way--- Orange, stiff --- would work out just perfectly for me :) !! I will make MGS as well as Puma/Cobra proud when i hit the Black with these new weapons of mass destruction !!!



Good luck everyone !!






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Handicap is around 3. I had a week of shooting below par followed by a week of shooting in the 80's so when they are averaged the handicap stays the same.


My photo is my current favorite bag set up. R11 driver and FM and MP33 and MP FLI HI irons and scratch wedges.

MP33 Bag.JPG


Now, as for how do I embody the spirit of Cobra-Puma golf. At first, I considered not throwing my hat into the ring. I am not exactly their target audience. I am a 49-year-pld (tomorrow) low handicapper who plays blades. However, the more I thought about it, the more we had in common. I believe that the looks of a club inspire good shots. In my opinion, pride in appearance of clothing and equipment is an important part of good golf. I am not about to start wearing flat billed hats, and I fear if I let my hair grow I will look more like I belong on Duck Dynasty than teeing it up with Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter and Blair O'Neil, but I wear colorful golf shirts and shorts. I am no Barbajo (thankfully), but I am hip, not really, I am not old enough to be "hip". As you can see from my refinished MP33's, gun blue, black KBS Tours, red ferrules and grips plus custom paint fills. I like bling in my bag.


I believe I can write a pretty decent review from the prospective of should a low capper, with enough time on their hands and play enough to continue to play blades effectively, move to a more GI iron in order to become more consistent. Can these clubs take a guy who can shoot below par 5 days in a row, only to follow it up with 4 days of 82-84, and allow him to continually shoot at or below par? We will have to see.


Driver:      :mizuno-small:  ST190G on Fujikura ATMOS Black

Fairway:   :mizuno-small:  ST190TS 15° on Fujikura ATMOS Black

Hybrids     :mizuno-small:  CLK 22 & 25 (set to 20° & 23°) on Fujikura SPEEDER

Irons:     :mizuno-small:  MP5 5-P on True Temper Dynamic Gold

Wedges: :mizuno-small: MP-T5 52*, 56* & 60* on True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge

Putter:    :cameron-small: 2018 Select Newport 2

Balls:      :titelist-small: Pro V1X

Shoes:     :footjoy-small:

Range Finder: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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Handicap coming down rapidly, presently 16.7, but only been a member of a club for a month, previously just a nomad golfer. Most of the golfers i play with put me as a 10 or 11 handicap, we will see when comp days arrive!


Whilst i may be a bit older than the Puma target audience i come from an off-road motorcycling hobby (like Mr Fowler) and always like to keep up with fashion and wear coloured outfits that present a good appearance and also perform well, even if only playing a practice round.


I presently play a combination set of Cobra S3 pro irons and some cleveland cg7's on the longer clubs so the AMP Cells look like a good fit for me.


As far as images and putting a few words together, i presently supply images and articles for an off-road motorcycle magazine here in Europe and also produce websites for several bike related companies and riders.


Quick image of my latest winnings!! Social golf day prize for best score, longest drive, nearest the pin and according to some the funniest handicap ;)



r2wtrials website

Also web master for Trial Magazine


Driver:- Titleist 910

3 Wood:- Mizuno 820

rescues:- Cleveland & Md Golf

Irons:- Cobra S3 pro 6 & 7, Cleveland CG7 4,5,8,9,p (graphite shaft)

Wedges:- Taylormade ATV 52, 56.

Putter:- LA Jolla

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Currently score low 90's occasionally breaking into the 80's.


As an educator and technologist, I believe in leveraging innovations in technology to better oneself. (sounds impressive eh? I just run a tech department at a boarding school) Technology without style is boring, and Cobra's penchant for flair has turned more than a few heads over the past few years. I've never been accused of being "successfully stylish", but I'm always willing to turn heads trying.


And working at a school, I'm about to have plenty of free time to test out these beauties. I normally spend the summer evenings doing comic book reviews for a friend's site, but I'd love to expand my repertoire.


Here's a recent review


For a Pic, here's my new bag that would look great holding those shiny blue Cell irons. (My school colors)


Driver: Bridgestone J40 - 445

Woods: TEE - 4

Hybrids - Adams Super 19*/22*

Irons: Adams CB2

Wedges: Mizuno MP-T11 54*/58*

Putter: Scotty Cameron Sonoma

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Hi my current handicap is 5 (working hard to get it down or up on bad days...)


I like to think I embody Cobra-PUMA Golf because I am young (target market) love playing golf in any weather! Although in Scotland and on a links course any weather is good! I love what Cobra-PUMA Golf is about, making the game exciting again and spicing it up with colour and flash, Helps brighten up the lack of sun here.


I base my life around golf studying golf management at university. So a chance to add reviewing these products during my studies would be awesome since I will probably be on the range anyway! As for me being flashy on the course like Cobra-PUMA Golf well since you can spot me a mile away with my hair as bright and orange as Rickie on a Sunday, I enjoy embracing it with my clothes and attitude match on the course!


Picture following Rickie Fowler at the British Open last year!


Taylormade RBZ tour 9* Matrix ozik x-con 6 stiff

Taylormade R11 T3 14* Aldila vs Proto stiff

Taylormade Rescue TP 19* Aldila vs Proto x-flex

Mizuno MP-62 Project X 6.5 4-PW

Titleist vokey spin milled 54*, 60*

Oddeysey metal-x #7

Srixon z-star or Taylormade lethal

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I would be STOKED to test these guys. Currently shooting in the mid 80s (early season blues in the NE), which I'd think makes me a perfect candidate for a set of GI irons. I've been a HUGE fan of Cobra and Puma (separately and together) for years now. I had the original King Cobra OS irons and loved them when I was a little guy, and have been a fan of Puma Golf since the Geoff Ogilvy days (does anyone remember the Gold spikes he rocked at The Masters in 2007? Amazing). That being said it would be AWESOME to get a chance to test out the latest from a company that's always been focused on performance and style. I think I embody the Cobra-PUMA "spirit" in that I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. Golf equipment (whether it be clubs, shoes, clothes, etc.) shouldn't have to sacrifice a fun and original appearance in favor of performance. These irons look like a pretty good example. Thanks MGSSwingin.jpg

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I'm a 9.5 GHIN handicap. With that kind of handicap, I could benefit greatly from the technology in these Cobra irons: distance, forgiveness, smooth ride through the grass, etc. I have always looked to play irons others generally don't try, and I enjoy being the guy at the range/in the foursome that the others look at because they don't recognize the equipment in my bag. Also, some years back, in the early nineties, I demoed a set of "King Cobra" irons and always regretted that I didn't have the money at the time to get a set. They were as good as anything else I ever tried, with better feel and distance. Now is the time for me to have a chance to make-up for that day!!!


I love the game, and I love to demo and share about equipment. Our local golf store owner and a local asst pro call me about once a week when the new equipment launches just to leanrn from me about the quality, playing characteristics, specifics about target golfer, specs of the clubs/shafts, etc. I would cherish the opportunity to be a resource for My Golf Spy and the forum participants. I live in the South so weather is not an issue. I play at least twice a week and hit the range twice a week as well; many opportunities for feed back and testing. I'm your guy! Give me a chance to show what I can do to help.

Driver: :honma: TR20 460, :Fuji: Ventus Black 70X

Fwy: :titelist-small: TS3, 15*, Veylix Rome 888 X

Hybrid: :callaway-small: X2 Hot Pro, 20*, :Fuji: Rombax 8D07HB TM27 X

Irons: :honma:TR20 Tour P 4/5, Tour V 6-10, Dynamic Gold X100

Wedges: Vega VW-06 50*/54*/58*, Dynamic Gold S400

Putter: :seemore-small: Platinum M5 HT Mallet, 36"

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Current handicap: 8.6 and climbing (up, up, and away too)


How do I embody the spirit of Cobra-Puma golf? Well, I've got a Monoline to match every color of clothing I own. I also own both orange pants and a matching shirt. I carry a Red Bull towel and have a few IJP headcovers. My buddies at times have been known to refer to me as Ricky Poulter... Yes, outlandish are my clothes, but hey if you don't look and feel good, what's the point right?


Now if I can just get Cobra Pimp Daddy to hook a brother up with some GI irons to compliment my GQ styling I might look like someone that halfway knows what he's doing on the course again(instead of hitting the bladed 9 iron stinger). On my most recent quest to find some GI's, I hit everything that was available... The Amps weren't one of the ones available. That could partially have something to do with the fact that most of the courses around here are filled with stuffy old codgers that still carry persimmon at times and blades they have no business hitting. And like the song says "don't cha hate it when there's too many rookies, not enough (club) hos"...


Photography Chops:


(The bane of my iron quest represented immediately below)


















In The Bag
Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2017) w/ Project X T1100 HZRDUS Handcrafted 65x 
Strong 3 wood: Taylormade M1 15* w/ ProjectX T1100 HZRDUS handcrafted 75x
3 Hybrid: Adams PRO 18* w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4 Hybrid: Adams PRO 20* (bent to 21*) w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4-AW: TaylorMade P770 w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx S400

SW: 56* Scratch Tour Dept(CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
LW: 60* Scratch Tour Department (CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
XW: 64* Cally XForged Vintage w/ DG X100 8 iron tiger stepped
Putter: Nike Method Prototype 006 at 34"

Have a ton of back-ups in all categories, but there are always 14 clubs in the bag that differ depending on the course and set-up. Bomb and gouge. Yes, I'm a club gigolo.

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Yeay! A chance for residents of planet earth! :lol:


Current HCP 15.1


Having a bad round on the course? Who cares... as long as you look good slicing and blading your shots!

Loud, flashy polo shirts? Check!

Gawdy, intense matching belts and socks? Check!

Kick-ass clubs with the same level of bling? Give it to me, baby!


This is how I try to persuade non-golfer friends to join me: golf can be sporty, young and fresh! In most cases, they will give it a shot as long as they can keep their own style. As an added bonus, maybe these clubs will convince me that I'm better off with GI irons instead of my MP59 :rolleyes:



:cobra-small: SpeedZone 9* w/ Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S
:callaway-small: X2 Hot 3 Deep 14.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 S
:taylormade-small: JetSpeed 5W 19* w/ Matrix Velox T 69 S OR :adams-small: Super LS 3H 19* w/ Kuro Kage Black 80 S
:mizuno-small: JPX919 Forged 4-PW w/ Modus3 105 S
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50/08F, 54/14F & 58/08M w/ Modus3 115 Wedge
:EVNROLL: ER1 34" w/ SuperStroke Fatso 2.0
MfleKCg.jpg Pro / 9dZCgaF.jpgH2NO Lite Cart Bag / :Clicgear: 3.0 / :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro LRF

My reviews: MLA Putter // Titleist SM7 // PING i500 // PuttOUT

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