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Shaft Testers Wanted - KBS C-Taper Lite

Tony Covey MGS

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The guys at KBS have asked us to round up 3 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to test a set of the latest offering in the KBS lineup; the C-Taper (CT) LITE.


The 3 readers chosen by the MyGolfSpy Staff will receive their very own set of KBS CT LITE shafts. Those same 3 readers will be asked to provide other MyGolfSpy readers with a comprehensive review of the shafts. Thorough is what we do, and we ask the same of our readers. Please don't apply if you're not willing to do the work.


About the C-Taper LITE

The C-TAPER LITE iron shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits – piercing trajectory and smooth feel – in a lighter-weight design. The firm tip and stiff butt sections produce a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the C-TAPER LITE maximizes energy transfer for maximum distance. As a result, an average of 5 yards increased distance was seen during robot testing. The C-TAPER LITE comes with the signature KBS brushed satin finish available in three flexes: R-105g, S-110g, and X-115g.


KBS tells us the C-Taper should prove to be more playable and will offer a better fit for a wider variety of players, but please don't offer to test unless you're reasonably certain the CT LITE is a good fit for you.


The big question is, does the C-Taper LITE perform as advertised?


It's your job to find out.



Must be a resident of the US or Canada

Must be a MyGolfSpy Forum Member in good standing

Must be able to string sentences together in a coherent fashion (wit and humor are a bonus)

Must be capable of producing quality photos of golf equipment

Must have willingness, time, and ability to thoroughly test a set of KBS C-Taper LITEe Shafts.


How To Enter


Check out the C-Taper LITE Shafts on the KBS Website. If you think the new shafts will help your game, enter to become a MyGolfSpy Club Tester.


To enter, leave a comment in this thread that contains the following:

Your current handicap (or your average 18 hole score)

One (and only one) original photo of something (anything) golf-related

In no more than 2 paragraphs, tell us how you would test the new shafts

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My current handicap hovers between 11-14 (scores range from 78-86 over last couple of months). My plan for testing these shafts will be to install them on my Mizuno MP-30's to give me a (much needed) higher trajectory and also lighter weight compared to the s-300's currently in them (can also compare them to project X). I will go through several range sessions, but the significant testing will come from playing several 18 hole rounds with irons only.


I have wanted to see how my scores look using only irons, but I think playing without woods or wedges will be a great test of these new shafts and how suited they are to a wide range of shots. I may even use one of the irons to putt with, because it really can't get any worse. :)





Driver: Calloway Diablo Octane Tour, UST VTS Silver

Hybrids: 16* Taylormade RBZ Tour 16*, 21* TEE XCG-3

Irons: Adams CB1 4-PW, KBS C Taper Lite S

Wedges: Nike VR Pro Forged 52*, 58*

Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG3


Grips: Lamkin Crossline Midsize

Ball: Whatever I find, prefer Bridgestone

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My current handicap is a "15". I would test the KBS C-Taper Lite Shafts in a set of Mizuno MX 300 irons. I've recently had rotator surgery on my left shoulder and swing speed is not quite like it was. I would like to learn if my slower swing speed would benefit from the lite shafts. I have bought a Cleveland Classic Black Driver and find the lite shaft in it perfect. These shafts are fantastic looking and seem to perform in three areas, spin control, mid flight and added distance. I would really enjoy trying to find the answer to my inconsistancies with my slower swing speed. Thanks for the contest.


:lol: This is a shot of using a Big Ass Tennis Racket in a golf tourney. Maybe, I need to try and find a lite KBS racket.

Tennis on a golf course.jpg

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My current handicap is a 3.9 and I live here in steamy Atlanta, but I travel with my clubs 2 weeks out of the month. This will allow me to test these shafts under various grasses and weather conditions across the country. As soon as these arrive, I will have my repair guru install them is a set of my beloved Ping S-56's, 3-PW.

I would be a fair tester as I have been playing the Project X PXi 6.5 so these would be an equal brand against brand comparison of similar shaft attributes and benefits.


Given ample time to test these shafts, I can offer a comprehensive review with details on feel, launch angle, distance, look, and overall performance of these shafts.

I believe testing under real nationwide on course conditions versus range time, will offer the MyGolfSpy readers a true unbiased opinion on whether to spend our hard earned $$ on the latest from KBS.


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DSC01370.JPGI'm a 10 handicapper & 53 years old. I currently play the KBS Tour with my MP-59's. I tested the ProjectX & Dynalite S300's, but the KBS gave me the performance & ball flight I liked. I've been playing golf since I was around 9 years old.


I live & play in the Charleston\Kiawah, SC area, so i could give them a real good test in some diverse & often windy conditions. I also have a very nice camera to add pictures of results. If these bad boys can out perform my current KBS', I will have to have them, & would love to give them a test for you!!

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Another great opportunity :D


Just curious. How would the flight of the KBS C-Taper Lite X compare to the KBS Tour S? I wonder if you can get both low trajectory and a light shaft that way...


Chart on KBS puts them between the Tours and Tour 90's mid-high

Yo #JustPlayBetter

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Chart on KBS puts them between the Tours and Tour 90's mid-high


Yes, but going from S to X always lowers the trajectory. Question is whether than would put the C-Taper Lite X as lower trajectory than the Tour S.


Also, lighter shafts tend to play softer in general.

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My current handicap is 2.4 and I am a former college golfer. I plan on testing these shafts in 3 ways; range sessions, practice rounds, and tournament play. I firmly believe every golfer has a different swing when they're on the range, when they're playing with their buddies, and when the pressure is on in competitive golf. I plan to install them in my irons and go immediately to the range. I work at a driving range in New Jersey and usually hit balls 5-6 days per week. I then plan to use them on the course during practice rounds. I usually play about 4 days per week and try not to play the same course twice in any given week, this way I see new shots and really learn what I need to work on. Finally I plan to use them in competition on the qualifying circuit. I have 8 qualifiers left on my schedule this summer and hopefully I'll qualify for a few (or all of them) and turn this into a few more competitive rounds. I still have left US Amateur Qualifying, US Pub Links Qualifying, Met Open & Met Am qualifying, NJ Pub Links to name a few.


Hope you guys like what I had to say and hopefully my three, completely different, swings will help you find what you and our mygolfspy community wants and needs to hear.

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I am hovering around a 3 handicap, however, with playing 7 new courses in the last 10 rounds, it certainly does feel like I should be revising that number. I currently play KBS Tours, and Hybrids. I do have one Tour 90 (4 iron mounted in a MP FLI HI 24*) and one C Taper (2 iron not mounted). I wrote a review of all the KBS shafts last year on this forum titled 2012: A Shaft Odyssey. I was not favorable initially of the Tour model but it turns out the set that I bought were not what they were reported to be when I bought them. This was not KBS's fault and they helped me solve the problem. I have been playing them now (the correct shaft) for several months and actually have two sets. One mounted in MP59's and one set in MP33's. I would love to try, and have been thinking about, the C Taper Lite.


I have two sets of Mizuno MP33 heads, as a matter of fact I have 4 MP33 8 iron heads. One currently mounted on a set of KBS Tours Black Nickel and I would mount the others on KBS C Taper Lite. I also have some Rifle (.370 shaft.) and DG S300's and X100's. I would the 8 iron head and actually have four 8 irons. I would then carry all these to the range and out on the course and hit them as well as take them to one of the golf stores and ask to use their monitor.




Driver:      :ping-small:  G425MAX 10.5° -1° Flat on Fujikura VENTUS Blue 5S

Fairway:   :ping-small:  G410 3 wood LST & 5  Wood Flat on :ping-small: Alta CB 65R

                     :ping-small:  G425MAX  7 & 9  Flat on :ping-small: Alta CB 65R

Hybrid:     :ping-small:  G425MAX  6 H Flat on :ping-small: Alta CB 65R

Irons:     :ping-small:  i 500 7-P on True Temper Dynamic Gold

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM8 50°, 54° & 60° on True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge

Putter:    :cameron-small: Studio Style Newport 1.5

Balls:      :titelist-small: Pro V1X :taylormade-small: TP5 

Shoes:     :footjoy-small:  

Range Finder: :918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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Another great opportunity! So before I throw my hat in the ring I want to say thank you to MGS...again!


Current average 18 hole score is 101. Slowly improving, but am really working on eliminating strokes with my short game.


Have you guys heard about the underwear gnomes? They are responsible for stealing underwear and socks from your dressers. Well we have another problem here at my household and that is the golf gnomes. Anytime you get home from a round and empty the contents of your pocket onto the counter, poof! You turn around and all the golf balls and tees have disappeared. Well...found my gnome today as he sneakily took my balls and was enjoying his mischievousness. Luckily, I also happened to find the 2 other balls hidden in the couch as well.




For testing these shafts I would do a shaft by shaft comparison. First I would go out and measure total accuracy and distance with my current shafts. I would spread this testing throughout several sessions to help eliminate data errors through fatigue and other variables. Next, I would test the new shafts and gather its statistics by total accuracy and distance as well. After being satisified with the raw data collection I would take these out on the course and actually compare overall trajectory and performance against my old set of shafts. This would help me not only have the statistical side of an analysis but also give me a total game feel by playing them during rounds and getting a more situational feel.

Driver: Taylormade R9 8.5° S

Fairway Wood: TBD
Irons: Cobra Amp 4i-9i
Wedges: SCOR 4161 43, 47, 51, 55, 59
Putter: Odyssey White Hot Rossie XG

Bag: TBD

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Currently a 6.4 HCP. Previously played PX 6.0 then moved to C-Taper S+ soft-stepped once and now PXi 6.0 in my Fourteen TC930 Forged 4-PW and RM11 52 & 58 wedges. I believe the C-Taper Lite is a direct competitor to the PXi so it should be a good test!


I wanted to test the PXi and C-Taper Lite side by side during a round so there is less round to round performance variance. To achieve this I will reshaft the 4, 6, 8, PW and LW (if KBS sends me an extra 9-iron shaft) with the C-Taper Lite with custom ferrules and Iomic grips built to the same quality as my PXi shafted irons. I will play this mixed set of irons on my course from the shorter tees so that I can hit only irons and wedges. Prior to each round I will baseline each iron on the range for distance with a range finder and swingspeed with a 3BaysGSA and then note down the actual numbers after playing each shot on the course, including the general playing conditions which may impact performance.



Hole #7 238yd par-3 at Furry Creek GC. Slight uphill into the wind over the valley on to a small green with a false front and OB to the back - and you'd think the par-3's at Merion were tough eh?

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Not heavy enough for me to throw my name in the hat. Great chance for some Golf Spy's though. Thx MGS and KBS!!

Driver: Titleist 915 D2 9.5 with Diamana Whiteboard S flex

3 wood: Titleist 915F 15*, Whiteboard S Flex

Titleist 915H 18* and 24* with Whiteboard SFlex

Irons: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 4-PW with S300's

Wedges: Mizuno MP T4 50*, 56* with DG Spinner

Putter:MannKrafted Long Slope or Odyssey #7 Versa Metal milled or Betti Tour Stock;

Ball: Bridgestone B330 or Titleist NXT

Bag: Titleist 'Murica colored carry bag or

MyGolfSpy Tour Bag


RH, Western KY


Posted Image

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I'm a 5 Handicap, 49 Yrs old and a Professional Golfer (NPT-AAGT and The Pepsi Tour) and would like to try them on the Mini Tours.



Doug 10yr cartoon Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.44.36 AM.png



"Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"



Driver: Taylormade Burner

3 - 5 Wood: PING G15

Irons: PING S56

Wedges: PING Tour S

Putter: Carbite Malet

Ball: Pro V1 and Noodle

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Thx guys....terrific new product offering that sounds exactly what the golf gods have ordered!


My current index is 5.7, with an average score between 78-82


Testing of the clubs would be done at my home course, Trump National Hudson Valley. Great test of golf, course plays 7000 from the blacks, and 7600 from the championship tees. All sorts fo conditions exist, including wind....a condition I am looking to solve the "balooning aspect" of shafts


As a tester, I would give these new shafts great exposure to "the boys" who are also into high end clubs/shafts. As a decent golfer, my ball striking is pretty good, often times hitting them in or near the sweet spot consistently.....if only I had a short game!


Photo is me and a few friends at the most incredible golf experience of a lifetime....#12 AT Augusta Thx again guys.......


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My current handicap is a 12.3, and hovering. I've been wanting to upgrade the shafts in my MP-53's, but there's a lack of legitimate fitting services here in central CT, and I'd be pretty much going in blind. With my relatively low ball flight, and inconsistent iron play (even with lessons), I think these shafts could help me get to that single digit I've been chasing for the past couple years.


To test these out, I'd get plenty of range sessions in, as well as my weekly 9 hole league, and 18 to 36 holes on the weekends. Here in CT, we have varying playing conditions. Courses can be bone dry, or under water, and everywhere in between. Weather can be a perfect low seventies with no clouds or moisture, or the dreaded three H's (hazy, hot,and humid), and I play in it all. I think I'd put these through the ringer.


Thanks for the opportunity, and keep up the good work. The site is awesome.



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Princeton here, thanks for the chance at testing some great shafts!

I am currently a 3.1 Handicap

I would use the XSTIFF

I currently do maintain US Citizenship, however I have thought about moving to another country with less Government involvement, should our current political environment fail to change!


If given the chance to test the new KBS Shafts, I would put them up against the TT Monaco Shafts and the TT DG Tour X-100 Shafts on the Flight Scope and give the difference in ball flight, distance and spin rates and so forth. I have two sets of the Adams Idea Pro A-12 that I could put the Shafts in and be able to test them against the other two and give the data over to my fellow readers. I would also give a detailed review of how they actually played during a round.

Of course I would also employ the help of a few of the HOTTEST CART Girls in the "Dirty South" to model the shafts and take pictures with them showing how not only your golf game may be able to be improved but also your love life!


The picture is of a Future #1 Ranked Golfer in the World, who just happens to be my pride and joy!

Thanks again for the chance, I can't wait to read all the reviews and hope that I am busy preparing one for all of you!



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