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Inside jb57's Bag


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Here's what's on board my Nike Performance bag:

Driver: Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 10.5* Reg Flex, or PING G15 10.5* Reg Flex (just depends on my mood)

Hybrids: PING G15-17* 2H, PING G20-20* 3H, PING G20-23* 4H Reg Flex

Irons: PING G25 5-U Green Dot CFS Cushion Shafts Reg Flex

Wedges: Taylormade ATV 56* (bent to 55*), and 60* Wedge Flex

Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #9 34" Winn Midsize Grip

Fairway Wood: Soon adding a G15 3 Wood 15.5* Reg Flex

Will bag the 3 Wood or 4 Hybrid depending on the course.

I'll grip down and throttle back the 3 Hybrid if carrying the 3 Wood





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How do you like the G25's? I feel like everything in the 25 series Ping released is incredible!

Driver: Ping G25 9.5° TFC Tour X-stiff w/New Decade Multicompound Whiteout/Red

Fairway Wood: 3w Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour 13° Aldila RIP X-stiff w/New Decade Multicompound Black/Red

Hybrid: 3h Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour 19° Aldila RIP X-stiff w/New Decade Multicompound Black/Red

Irons: Cobra Amp Cell Pro's 4i-PW KBS C-Taper X-stiff + 1/2" w/New Decade Multicompound Whiteout/Black

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4's 50°, 54°, 58° DG S300's +1/2" w/New Decade Multicompound Whitout/Black

Putter: Nike Method 001 34" w/SuperStroke Mid-Slim White/Red

Ball: Titleist Pro-V1x

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How do you like the G25's? I feel like everything in the 25 series Ping released is incredible!


I like them a lot. I'm still getting dialed in, but a real nice feel. I tried Cobra Amp Cell, Taylormade Rocketbladez, Callaway X Hot, and the G25's. After swinging all of them for about an hour or so, I settled on the PING's. I tried graphite, and it just didn't click for me. In fact with graphite, I was leaning toward Rocketbladez, then... I tried the G25's with steel shafts... Oh my, different ball game for me. I tried the Rocketbladez as well with steel, but the PING's just felt like I arrived home! I did this two times before deciding.


There was nothing wrong at all with the other irons. The G25's just spoke my language I guess. They said "Buy Me"! biggrin.gif


I went eco budget on the PING hybrids and driver. I just get along much better with iron type hybrids, and I had read such great things about the G15 driver, well... just happened to find them online at a steep discount. Demos being cleared out by dealers. It pays to be a lefty sometimes I think. The driver was actually still wrapped like new.


Authentic real deal clubs... I called in the serial numbers to PING. We're talkin' bargin here! They jumped in the FedEx truck and showed up on my doorstep. At least that's what I told my wife...tongue.gif

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Great bag JB!!


Love the drivers, and I too rotate em, I have three in mine and yep, it usually depends on my mood or the dream or visualization that I have the night before, lol.


Have a great season Bro



Fairways & Greens 4ever



Thank you kind sir. Same at you...cool.gif

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