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PGA Tour Academy DVD Lesson series


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A couple of weeks ago I asked here about improving my game through a series of lessons on DVD. Got some good feedback and ended up purchasing the PGA Tour Academy DVD series.


I thought I might share with everyone my impressions of the lessons so far and if there is interest I'll keep posting along. As a word of intro, I'm a high handicapper who needs a lot of work in most every area of my game. I drive a golf cart pretty well (hey - I have never killed anyone). Other than that, if it involves golf and me it needs work.


First, it's a pretty impressive lot of stuff. You get collapsible alignment rods that are very nice (I don't like alignment sticks in my bag when I play so these are ideal to bring along - warm up with them and then fold them away). There's an impact bag which I haven't needed yet. Then there is an Instruction Manual which is pretty detailed, a watch/practice schedule, and a practice book.


The deciding factor in purchasing this set and not one of the many other options is this practice schedule and book. The PGA Tour series tells you when to practice, and how to practice. They specifically talk about not going to the range to just hit some balls. There are very specific drills and a specific schedule. The practice book is a little 3x5 spiral bound book that reminds you what the drills are for that lesson. That's super helpful - since you can't bring your DVD player and watch the DVD at the range. I think the practice stuff will be the best part of these lessons.


So I get it unboxed and watch lesson 1. Ian Baker Finch talks a while (wouldn't we all play better golf if we had his accent?) and then we're into the first lesson on grip, alignment and stance. It's a very solid lesson. The instructor uses a Sharpie to put X's on the glove so your hands are on the club like his are. That's a great idea. And the X's helped me in practice and in the round I played this week.


There's lots of emphasis on the process and they go over and over grip, stance and alignment (you're supposed to do it at home with them). By the time the DVD is done you've pretty much got it down. Repetition is the key to success. :)


Felt very good about lesson 1 and think it helped me in my round this week a lot. I need to be consistent in my stance and grip and this lesson gets that firmly fixed.


Other notes:


* End of lesson 1 has four ball positions in the book which are NOT covered on the DVD. Then in the practice section of the DVD the guy references those ball positions. Um, what is that again?


* The first part of the manual has an intro section on ball flight theory that is absolute goobledy-gook. Just mystifying, especially since beginners will be reading that.


All in all, a great first lesson that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. My confidence in the PGA Tour Academy is rising quickly! On to lesson 2!

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