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PGA Tour Academy DVD Lesson series


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Well, there wasn't a ton of activity from my first posts about this DVD lesson series, but I'll try a little more and see how that goes.


I've now done lesson 2 and lesson 3 and I must say I'm getting more impressed with the series all the time. Obviously there is no substitute for real lessons with a real teacher. That said, if you can't afford those this may be a really good alternative for you. And they do provide some real plusses - like being able to watch a lesson over several times until you can "get" it. I guess you could take a lesson again from your local pro but that'd be pricey! Further, the book that comes with it reinforces what you saw on the DVD, so that's a big help. Finally, and probably most importantly, they have drills that reinforce the lessons and go with them. That makes the lessons worth it all, I think. You learn a new skill in the lesson (from the dvd or with a pro) but how do you get that ingrained as a habit? You need practice drills. The Tour Academy has those drills and a sked of how much and when and what to practice.


The big disadvantage, of course, is no one is watching you perform these new skills. But they gave you checks - things to look for, and I'm borrowing my wife's eyes and that seems to be working out pretty well.


Lesson 2 is on putting and there wasn't anything there miraculously new but it was good review. I have never liked my grip when putting and was amazed at how quickly I got a new grip when I went through the process during practice. It became second nature very quickly.


Lesson 3 is on "educating the hands" and the impact zone. Using a impact bag they work you through the basics of a "little swing" (9:00 to 3:00) and really ingrain some key fundamentals here. I found plenty in my game that was lacking here and really felt good hitting balls solid in practice - like never before.


Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to figure out not only the basic skills you need to golf fundamentally well but how to teach them and practice them. That was a lot of work - but I'm benefiting it from it now! :)


One more note: I'm not selling anything and I don't get anything from the Tour Academy. The opinions in these posts are only mine and may not reflect the management's. Your mileage may vary. Always wear a seat belt. Keep your hands and arms in the ride until it comes to a complete stop.

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