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Tony Covey MGS

TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid on eBay

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I suppose it was only a matter of time. Even though it (along with the new fairway) doesn't technically exist (no formal announcement), a TaylorMade SLDR hybrid has made an appearance on eBay [Click Here to View Auction].


It might be fake, it might not.


Worth noting - this one is outfitted with a Stage 2 shaft, which tells us nothing, and doesn't have a SLDR headcover.


I can tell you that custom shafts (SLDR graphics) can take longer to produce than the heads, and it's easier to make off with a head than it is a whole club. Unlike the fairways, this one has the matching blue SLDR weight ring.



sldr hybrid2.JPG


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Here's my summary:

  1. If that's a fake, they didn't take long to get it out ... and TMaG are gonna be pissed
  2. If that's real, and a staff member stole it to sell on eBay, TMaG are likely gonna be even more pissed

If I'm TMaG I'm not sure which is worse, but if it's real then I'm damn sure not stopping till I find out who stole it.


JMHO  :lol:

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