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KBS Releases Tour-V (Mickelson's Prototype) Shaft

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Today KBS Shafts announced impending availability of the formerly-prototype shaft that Phil Mickelson has been using since early 2012. Mickelson has won 3 times with the shaft, most recently the 2013 Open Championship.


The shaft has been called Tour V2, or KBS Tour Version 2, but Tour-V is the real, official name.


Wondering where the Tour-V fits in the KBS Lineup? There's a chart for that.



KBS Tour-V

  • Light weight (100g, 110g, 120g), tight dispersion, mid trajectory
  • Up to 20% better shot dispersion than leading PGA TOUR shafts
  • 10% Lighter weight than Tour shaft
  • Mid Trajectory
  • Pre-order Sep. 30th through authorized KBS dealers
  • Shipping  to customers November 1st
  • Stock shaft in new Callaway Apex Pro iron available Q1 2014

KBS Tour-V Specs



Inside Info:

The KBS Tour-V shaft has been in development and testing on the PGA TOUR since 2012. KBS has incorporated an advanced design for taper rate, OD, and wall thickness to produce a lower spin, mid launching shaft with very tight dispersion. The outside diameter is larger on the Tour-V than the Tour shaft. This is just barely visually apparent as it is a subtle change. The proportional increase in OD and increase in wall thickness is designed to produce less spin and a piercing ball flight. Because the OD is larger, the tip section is stiffer and produces less spin. Adopted by tour professionals on the PGA TOUR, Web.com Tour, and European Tour, the Tour-V has already been trusted for multiple worldwide wins, including the 2013 Open Championship, Aberdeen Scottish Open, WM Phoenix Open, and multiple top ten finishes on the PGA and Web.com tours. From player and robot testing, the Tour-V shows up to 20% tighter dispersion than other leading steel shafts on the PGA Tour.


For more info visit The KBS Shafts Website.


Official Press Release:

KBS Announces the Tour-V Shaft 
Already proven on the PGA Tour, the Tour-V shaft offers golfers a lightweight and low spin option
BOULDER, Colo. (September 30th, 2013) Today, KBS Golf Shafts announces an all-new steel shaft, the Tour-V. The KBS Tour-V has already been the trusted shaft on professional tours for wins worldwide, including the 2013 Open Championship. Similar to the popular Tour shaft in feel and trajectory, it features a lighter weight design. This new offering compliments the already popular line of KBS iron shafts. 
In development on the PGA Tour since 2012, the Tour-V enters the aftermarket already proven with the best players in the world. The lower spin performance in a lighter weight is achieved while maintaining the superior feel KBS has become famous for. The Tour-V is available in three flexes: R-100g, S-110g, and X-120g.
The Tour-V was chosen by Callaway Golf as the stock shaft for their newest player's iron, the Apex Pro. Available in all three flexes, the Apex Pro iron will be on sale Q1 2014. The Tour-V shaft is available for pre-order immediately through authorized KBS dealers with orders shipping November 1st.
“We are very excited to introduce the Tour-V shaft. It has been tested and perfected over the past year and a half, and truly delivers on offering a tight dispersion shaft in a light weight package. The results we get from PGA Tour player testing are spot on. Dispersion with the Tour-V is some of the tightest we have ever seen and it maintains our signature smooth feel at impact. Lighter weight has become more popular and this allows golfers to swing a little easier. Our team is thrilled to bring this shaft to market and see it as the stock shaft for Callaway's new player's iron.” said Kim Braly, Director of R&D and Tour Operations at KBS Golf Shafts. 
During player and robot testing, the KBS team has seen terrific results. The Tour-V offers a slightly different performance:  up to 20% tighter shot dispersion than other popular shafts on the PGA Tour, 10% lighter weight and a mid trajectory. This distinction in performance allows KBS to offer golfers yet another terrific option to improve their iron play.

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I guess this is good news for some people, but I'm perfectly content with the C Taper Lites. I really did not like saying that the C Taper Lites were the longest, straightest shaft I ever hit and gained one full club.  How many times do you see that written about a particular product.  I guess it is all about what fits your swing.

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Wow! This may be just what I'm looking for.  Love my Tours, but have too much spin.  Considering C-Tapers, but not sure about them yet.  For me, I wish these had the same weight.  But maybe it won't be an issue.  Gotta try em.

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This should be the perfect shaft for those who feel that the c-tapers were a bit harsh.


Also going to be the stock option for Callaways Apex Pro irons which I am very excited about.

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I'm looking forward to trying and comparing these to the standard KBS Tour shafts that I have now. I have used the originals on and off for since they came out and always seem to end up back with them. I did like the lighter weight of the PXi shafts, so the KBS Tour V seem like a nice option.

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