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Hi all,


Writing from Golf121 - a new iPhone app that provides you with a personalised PGA professional video lesson (screenshots below).


The core function of the Golf121 app allows you to send videos of your swings to a PGA professional, who will then deliver a comprehensive and personalised video lesson back to your phone.


This lesson includes voice over analysis, graphical cues, written reminders and personalised practice drills to help you improve your game. Whether you're in the office, at home, or out on the course, the app will serve as a constant reminder of how to improve your game, anywhere.


You can find out more and download the app here: http://golf-121.com/


We've got 5 codes for a free lesson with Golf121 to give away, which are worth $13.99 each.


Simply leave a reply to this post on why you would like to review Golf121 and we'll select the 5 best responses.


And we'd love to hear your feedback on the app - good and bad. We're looking to improve the app for golfers everywhere, so your comments are welcome.


Thanks for your interest!



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I'm game to test this out.  I've never had a lesson before so I'm curious if what I think I'm doing wrong are the same things that a PGA pro would say I'm doing wrong.  Seems like a pretty cool idea and easy to implement.

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Hmm this sounds pretty cool.


Windows Phone in the pipeline? Otherwise another one for the misses to test out.

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I'll test it out.  Have a broad spectrum of devices to test with too. God knows my swing could use all the help I can beg borrow or steal right now.

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FWIW, I just entered a round in Golf121 from my notes, and the process isn't bad.  It was only 9 holes, and it handled it well in terms of the scores, but the warning about an incomplete round is a little disconcerting.  Might want to simply skip the warning if there are 9 hole left empty, but still warn if you have more something other than 9 holes empty.


Will get out tonight and give it a shot live for 9 around 4PM :-)

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Thanks for all the replies, guys.


Have private messaged you with a free lesson code.


If anyone else fancies trying out the app, just let us know and we'll send you the code.


There's an Android version coming soon, so we'll let you know once that's available.



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Got the PM, but I don't see a code in it.

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Alright got a chance to use the app live on the course, and overall, it feels pretty good.  I like the statistics input model, it is quicker to use than any other app I have used to date.  It lacks the granularity to do swing by swing gps distance * accuracy measuring, but works well for a manual process. Playing with a friend, I kept score for both of us, and it does support the additional scores fairly well, though there are some navigation quirks that could be easier (editing an error on the secondary score can be a bit tricky).  


The top down GPS and position visual is very well implemented though.  


Unfortunately, I ran out of time (well, sunshine) last night to video the swing for the lesson portion, and am off the course until Saturday due to a mole removal on my back with 7 stitches.  Saturday however, I should be able to give that section a try.  


I have some more notes, and will try to grab a couple of screenshots saturday to really give a more detailed write up then.


My initial impression is quite favorable, and I am very interested to see how the lesson process goes.  While other tools, like Foursum Golf, GolfShot GPS and Golf Gamebook offer game/round tracking, they each go at it with different methods and different goals.  The focus on game improvement with lesson integration is a very interesting approach, and one that I look forward to really sinking my teeth into this weekend.

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Much appreciated for the detailed response, glad to see you tested part of the app on the course.


Screenshots and notes would be great support, our developement team are always looking to improve the usability around the the app.


Much appreciated for the favorable impressions with Golf121, its correct we have approached Golf121 as much more then just a scorecard to record your stats. We aim to work with each customer of Golf121 indivdually on a personal note, tracking their playing performance through the scorecard and directing that golfer exactly where a Golf121 lesson can easily improve their scores.


With aim to provide golf coaching that is affordable, convienient and simple to the worldwide golfing community.


look forward to hearing your feedback and also improving your game with a detailed lesson



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Finally got some swings recorded today.  It was 36° outside and felt like 26° with the wind so the swings weren't pretty.  I'll get them uploaded in the app tonight and then we'll see what happens!

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Hope you enjoyed your personal Golf121 lesson, please feedback on your experience, be much appreciated.


look forward to hearing from you



Golf121 team

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