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GolfSpy Dave

Golfspy Dave's Golf Fitness Program-UPDATED 03/25/14

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Keep it up mate your work is fantastic!


I really need to start something like this but dont have the time at the moment which sucks and need to start small.


I would love to ask a few questions though:

1. How did you go about learning the correct squat form and deadlift (assuming your doing them) form. I really struggle with it but really want to master them.

2. what kind of base workout do you do that is golf specific? or is more of a general fitness workout?

3. Has your trainer provided you with a series of stretches at all? something along the lines of a pre-game warm up or something you can do each night before bed to increase mobility?


Hope the progress keeps coming and you smash through to that 12% goal real quick!


PS. "how do you milk an almond?" nearly got me in trouble for laughing so hard at  work lol

Thanks for the encouragement and questions.

Sometimes I wonder if people are still reading this...


On to your good questions!

As for form, everything I do is under the eye of Charles. He makes sure I am not doing anything that will result in injury. I've done some big weights here and there, but he has stopped me when my form puts me in danger.


Golf training so far has really been about strength (core) and balance. We are going to work on more golf power down the road once I reach the place with my overall fitness that is stable.


We have not focused on pre-round stretching. I have an old stretch I do to limber up the hip joints. I place the grip of the driver on the ground any my hands on the head. I then balance on one leg and bring the other knee up. Sort of like if you were holding on to someone's shoulders and then you drove a knee into them. 20x per side. That and a few minutes swinging the Orange Whip seems to help the snap, krackle, & pops of the body to mellow out and be ready.

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Awesome work mate, glad to see the progress is still going and there hasnt been anything to slow you done as of yet. keep the updates coming :)

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