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  1. On 8/13/2020 at 8:17 PM, baggervance said:

    Hi everyone,

    Trying to help a friend pick a cheap, but reliable software system for a 9 hole public course for tee time booking primarily (but also selling merch and keeping track of golfers).

    Have heard of the following as go-tos:

    - GolfNow

    - ForeUP

    - Lightspeed

    Any experience or takes?

    Hi @baggervance

    My family owned course has used pretty much all the major providers over the years and have always been left wanting more! 

    That's why I partnered with Birrdi.com a Tee Sheet Booking system integrated with Square POS system! 

    This past season we have seen massive increases to our bottom line (darn near 100% increase) embracing the less is more approach to running a golf course!

    I think it would work great for your friend! And right now it's free to test.

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