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  2. Alright guys, full disclosure, I did have putter, wedge and sleeve of balls in the trunk. I may have stopped by the club for some chipping and putting as a little celebration after the festival. But the I went and heard the Florida Orchestra. I do love live music of almost any type.
  3. Cobra’s website has some good deals as well on the LTDx ($220 or so) and Radspeed ($170) fairway woods plus 10% off if you sign up for email. www.cobragolf.com
  4. My problem is I bought wrong last fall when i started, not realizing that my swing speed was going to be so low and am slowly swapping and trading to get appropriate clubs to fit my game
  5. Not sure how it broke. I did see it after repairs. H3 took a nylon screw, sawed off the head, then used epoxy and screwed it into the inside of the graphite shaft. It looked a little rough but he could use it.
  6. I just bought 4 dozen Wilson Staff Model balls on Golf Galaxy for $127 shipped. I got the code from an email from MGS. GG15 Product Total:$199.96 Shipping Total:$6.99 Total Tax:$0.00 Sub Total:$206.95 Promotion: Free Shipping On Orders Over $149-$6.99 Promotion: Buy 3 and Get 1 Dozen FREE!! SAVE $49.99 -- Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls-$42.49 Coupon: gg15 - 15% Off Site Wide-$30.00 Order Total$127.47
  7. I was fitted for PXG irons about a year and a half ago. I was fit for 2 degrees flat as I tended to hook. This fitting took the hook away. I have since adjusted my Titleist Driver and Hybrids to the flattest settings. Helped immensely with the hook. Now if I go left, it’s clearly swing path and face angle. My Callaway 3 wood is not adjustable so when I have it in the bag, I have to make sure to adjust my swing. I have been playing with 5 wedges the past 6 months so 3 wood is typically out of the bag unless I am playing a very long track.
  8. And we will be seeing Vongtaveelap hoisting a trophy very soon... She has some serious GAME. They don't call her Sim 300 for nothing!!
  9. Went to the local golf shop and hit a few shots with the Halos. They didn't have an extra stiff shaft to put on it so I had to go with stiff. They seemed like they were really hot. The seven iron was carrying in the 190 to 195 range. Still plenty of spin and height though. They were very straight though. I demoed the stealth HDs last week and had some trouble pulling those. These seemed to work better for me. They don't have as much offset as the HDs so I guess that would make sense. I might pull the trigger on these this week.
  10. I'm going to grab the set and cancel services right away, I'll probably use SS V3 this year but can't argue with free stuff. The link seems to be unreliable anyways
  11. Hmmm makes sense now, sorry memory not good sometimes...
  12. MyGolfSpy Forum: Trending Topics Favorite golf app? Hello everyone! With the the golf season getting underway, I was curious to see what everyone’s favorite golf app is? On course, off course, practice app, anything golf related. Hoping this thread c… 87 views Sub70 golf So I’ve seen this name here and there on a few posts in here so I thought I’d take a look. They’re a small company selling clubs that are supposed to be pretty good, and basically cutting out the “… 176213 views What Equipment Have You Tested? Have you tested anything recently whether it be in a store or tried a friends club or anything else if you tested it we would love to hear about it and how it performed or did it live up to expectat… 10124 views Is GolfWRX even relevant anymore? This is not meant to be a bashing thread. It is actually a serious question. It goes to show the influence of redesigning your site. 1) I go allllllll the way back to GolfOpinions.com. It was t… 93146 views The Good Morning Thread Good Morning all! Much like most of you I check the forum while having my morning breakfast along with coffee... And in between feeding the dogs, unloading the dishwasher, making the kid his bre… 5689 views MGS Forum: PGA Tour Pick'em League In coordination with our PGA Tour threads that will be coming out this year we are going to run a pick'em series once again. However we are running it slightly different to last year and will h… 9684 views MGS's Steel vs. Graphite Shafts Debate I just received the email from HQ with the YT link to Adams discussion on the steel vs. graphite shaft debate. When I try to open it says video unavailable. Anyone been able to view this? Has the… 116 views Prefer to stop receiving these emails? https://forum.mygolfspy.com/settings/?area=newsletters.
  13. WEEK 22 FINAL LEADERBOARD MYGOLFSPY FORUM MEMBER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR ======================================= I can see the play is starting to increase as we inch closer to Spring! 22 individual scores this week. That is GREAT!! WEEK 22 WINNERS Low Net Score to Par @tony@CIC fired a Gross 84 / Net 68 - 4 under (-4) at Scepter to capture this week's Black Jacket. I have a feeling he will have a round in the 70's before long!!! Close behind and tied at Net 2 (-2) under were @snicerz and @fredsharky. Great playing everyone. Most Net Birdies or Better @PeterHenric lit it up at Rhodes Ranch with a total of 7 net birdies or better on the way to his round of Net 1 under (-1). Congrats on breaking 90 and for winning this week's Birdie Badge! Tied for 2nd place were @Albatrossx3, @Golfspy_TCB, @fozcycle, and @daviddvm.. all with 5 net birdies or better this week. There is some great golf being played already this spring! Longest Drive It isn't often I get a lucky big bounce on a downwind hole to post a 300 yard drive... but it doesn't matter... because Mr. Big Hitter himself once again posted the Longest Drive of the week. Congratulations to @snicerz for his 313 yard drove at Lincoln Park GC. The Season is getting near the end, so be sure to post all your scores over the next few weeks to rack up the MGS Forum Cup Points, and get tuned up for the Season 2 Kickoff the first week of April. As always... PLAY OFTEN / POST OFTEN!!
  14. Speaking at a church in Easley. Should be in and around the Greenville area.
  15. It's funny I've thought the exact same thing. The Optishot2 was a hand me down from a friend. In a world where I pay full price for stuff, the combined cost of the 2 would put me in R10 to Mevo+ range and all of my problems are solved. unfortunately I don't get to live in that world.. so bootlegging is what I know.
  16. I've tried them all and will start by saying I hate bent shafts that don't sit squarely with the face. I like mallets for lining up but they look strange during the stroke and I find it distracting. When the putter swings with the natural arc, the lines obviously stop pointing at the target line and it just distracts me for some reason. I'm generally a fan of center-shafted, offset, and flared hosel blade-style putters. I truly love the look of center shafted putters and have used them in the past but something about offset just makes putting and squaring up seem easier. Offset is a weird thing in golf. It's only been the last few years that I've started to embrace the benefits of offset. I used to hate all offset and I think what changed my mind was when I picked up the new '19 PM grind wedge. My biggest concern was that they increased the amount of offset a noticeable amount from the prior model. However, I very quickly found out that offset was my friend and made life soooo much easier without really giving up anything. I found this applies to all the clubs in the bag with the exceptions of hybrids and woods.
  17. I will. I ordered some custom ferrules to complete the look, but they didn’t get here yet. Once I get them together, I’ll write something up.
  18. I feel like there are Ping drivers and everything else. With a ping I will usually hit it further cause my ball is going to go straighter. MyGolfSpy seems to love the ping drivers also. A straight line is the closest path.
  19. Down to $700, someone please fund my Paradym!
  20. I had the S3 Max ... way back. Have you ever done a fitting? This could be worth your time to see what is best suited for you. That being said the new Paradym irons have been given some high praise and I believe two of the mods now have sets of them!
  21. Good morning all, I see the Honma TR20 P irons are on sale at PGA Superstore, price is right, any comments on the irons?
  22. It sounds like you had a basic golf shop fitting which is generally okay. I wouldn't get bent out of shape about it (no pun intended). You can always bend your irons back as needed in the future. As for now, I recommend being cognizant of your ball flight and being honest with yourself. Determine if the ball is flying on line, left, or right consistent. If it isn't going straight, try and be honest on if it's a swing issue or is it the club. Bending a club upright 1* will cause the ball the go left, but only a couple yards. If everything you hit feels like it's missing or falling off to the left side, you might need to bend your irons to a stock or -1* flat lie. GolfTec should be able to identify with their launch monitors after the course of a swing evaluation if you may need your lie angles tweaked. Beware, they are going to try to lighten your wallet with fat lesson plans. I can't speak to how good they are but from everything I've read and the people I've talked to that go to GolfTec, it's kind of a one size fits all approach. I would take a lesson or two before making any big commitment to a lesson plan.
  23. The only downside... no mix-and-match for the free dozen promotion, which makes me sad.
  24. I've long considered getting a LM but I'm curious from those who have one and have used it a lot over the last couple years. I'm wanting to get some long-term thoughts on them. Thanks! Has there been any notable improvements in your golf game that you think is directly attributable to having a LM? Have there been any downsides to your swing or mentally? Is there anything you would do differently if you could do it again? Does it just collect dust? Why?
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