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  2. 1. Hitting drivers for 3 hours straight is slightly more tiring than playing a round of golf. Weird. 2. The good old trusty Adams Insight XTD is on notice and is currently quivering in his Lamkin UTX grip in the garage right now. 3. Having your youngest son bring his spec sheet to your wife afterwards to make a deal such as "if you get me this, you can get the new couch you want" might not go over well. Weather was beautiful. I showed up an hour early to hit up some other vendors. I went to the Ping tent first. This was probably a good choice because they were the only ones with a Trackman. I guess I realize the difference between a demo day and a fitting day now. It was a bit chaotic with one or two guys at each tent trying to deal with multiple people. But for as beautiful a day as it was, there really weren't that many people there. There was an empty station at all times, so it was easy to stay tired busy. With only the one trackman there, I didn't really get my numbers with the current driver. There were a few people taking a few shots and then moving out while clubs got switched and someone else jumped in. I think I started out the the G400 Max 9 deg and the Tour 65 and 75 shafts. Ended up with the LST and a Tour65 X. I am pretty sure I had that combo at two different times, and it was might capable of sending out some lasers. The "misses" with this were not misses. What the heck have I been doing with a 10yr old driver for so long? Well, I guess it has only been a 10 yr old driver for a year. There were a few that topped out over 340yds! Round 1 Leader: That took darn close to an hour. It was a lot of fun to see what these different shafts would do to the ball flight. I think the Trackman still had me at spin in the high 2000's and a launch angle around 12-13. These were a both on the edge of their recommended ranges, but I couldn't complain with the results. Off to TaylorMade. I answered a few questions about typical ball flight, he took a look in my bag, and gave me an M3 with a Tensei 70g X shaft. I took three swings and turned around and looked back with a questioning look on my face. "Any adjustments you want to make to that?" He just shrugged. A friend had just showed up before I got to TM and he called the shots "boring". Thanks a lot, man. But then I realized he meant boring as in boring through something. These were slight draws that went up quickly, but then leveled off and never came down. The roll out on these on our dry fairways would have to be significant. We tried a few other combinations with the M3 and M4, but came back to this. Another couple shots turned out the same. I don't know if these were maxing out at the same distance as the longest Ping drives, but I swear I could have laid a beach blanket over 4 of those 5 balls. Round 2 leader leaning: Off to Callaway. I got along best with the Rogue Sub Zero with a Pearl Jam Evenflow 69g X. My friend and I both agreed that the dispersion was significantly worse that with the M3. He can hit it a long ways, too, but I am pretty sure our release points are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I would love something, he would try it and pull them all hard left. Another combo that didn't seem to work for me and he would take it and send some boring drives out there. He ended up with some decent connections using the Hzrdous Black 6.5. Performance not worthy of a pic. Round 3, TM still leading. Hit up Cobra on the way over to my Wilson appointment. I felt like these would all have that trajectory that looks great when the green line tracks the ball during the PGA broadcasts, but that would be about it. It looked pretty, but would have to be classified as ballooning. It didn't goo too high, but would get to a point and just drop. Now it is darn near impossible to see where these things are landing because of the mounds they use for greens, but I would have to guess that these were carrying many yards less than the G400 or M3 and might have actually spun back after hitting the ground. Wish I could do that with my wedges. Neither the F8 or F8+ looked to fix that problem. One thing I did notice that warrants a pic is the white writing on the face near the toe. Why? I would have to paint that black. I tried the Wilson C300 driver next. The head felt smaller than mine, but that may have to do more with shape. He didn't have any X shafts, so we went with a heavier Hzrdous S. This had a higher pitched strike sound. I don't think I am that picky about the sound, though. Give me a rocket down the middle and it can sound like anything. In fact, I would call the feel/sound of the M3 like hitting a giant pool of jello or putty with a heavy broom handle. It was just a solid thwack. No stray vibrations at all. That's a weird description that I suppose won't be on a MyGolfSpy's top driver sound list. Maybe I was just dreaming about cksurferdude in her pink bikini in a pool of jello... Back on track. I don't know that I loved the feel of the C300. I didn't have any really bad shots. But there was nothing that felt or looked like the lasers that the G400 or M3 were able to send out there. While there, I did try the C300 and the V6 forged irons. I had problems hitting them both. The C300 had the KBS Tour V 105 S shafts. The whole club assembly felt super light during the swing. I have a very late release, and this thing would release before my hands made it down to my chest. Maybe I forgot how to swing an iron after 100 consecutive drives? I tried my Ben Hogan PTx with the C-Taper 120 shafts and it worked fine. Back to the C300 and it would release and I was coming over the top and pulling it left. Then I tried the V6, which he bragged about being the MGS most wanted last year. This had the DG S300 shaft if I recall. I had the same problem. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me the golf gods would curse me if I cheat on Mr. Hogan. To make a long story longer, I am really glad I am writing this down tonight. It was a bit chaotic, and I didn't take many notes. I thought the pics I took would help me remember, but there were so many combos at the Ping booth, I am not 100% certain that the spec sheet has the best Ping option. I should really use a GolfTec coupon and put the G400 LST and M3 up against each other side by side with real LM numbers. A museum piece in my bag made this a really eye opening/exciting day. My face hurts from smiling so hard. My current driver is a 46.25"!! I was outperforming it with drivers more than an inch shorter. The consistency with which I could flush a drive with these shorter shafts was amazing.
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  4. What a wonderful thing to do with your prize! I lost my father nearly 22 years ago but I will always have the memory's of playing golf with him and I will always be grateful to him for bringing me into this game. Trust me when I say that your son will look back when he is older and think of you with love. Oh and he will be working his behind off to get better so he can beat you with the new sticks
  5. After a major life altering surgery.I would recommend just listening to yourself for a while.Most golf teachers don't have a medical background.Go with natural for a while and just focus on tempo and contact.Once you gain some confidence again.Seek a teacher that specializes working with post recovery swing teachings.They are out there.
  6. What an outstanding review thread!! Everyone that participated went above and beyond to keep it entertaining and all the prize winners thoroughly deserved everything they received. I like the fact that most of the testers are still rocking the F7 drivers, so they must be still as good as when they were new.
  7. Let's get the rest sold , let's do the d3 at $250 shipped, the wedge $110 shipped , both hybruds knock $5 off Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  8. Here are the final results: 1 **Ariya Jutanugarn -14 2 Nasa Hataoka -14 2 In Gee Chun -14 4 Brooke Henderson -13 ** Won on 2nd playoff hole. For more scores: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/2018/05/kingsmill-championship-preview-pairings.html
  9. . I still have my father's Wilson Dyna-powered irons. I don't play them because they need new grips and I don't really want to remove the old original leather grips. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Congrats brother Tony, pretty awesome [emoji109][emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Love the setup. Still gaming 714's but jonesing for the opportunity to test the new Hogan Edge irons... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  12. Welcome to the Forum! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  13. I'll second the wedding over the school shooting. We lost a student earlier in the year and I'm some sick of burying kids. I can't imagine 10-20 at once. I'll take "rich and famous" weddings over school shootings all day long. Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Thanks a bunch for the reply and suggestions! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. *update* Well all good things they say................lol Went backwards yesterday, I think I was getting cocky and my old swing muscled back in as much as I thought I was using the new swing, but under pressure of a competition I had driver pulls, fat and pulled irons, thins and very high 'hit off the bottom of the club' iron shots. self analysis later I think I'm falling back in the downswing (old fault) so I'll hit the course by myself later for a few holes and try and bed in what the coach showed me. On a positive note my chipping has improved a zillion percent, no thins or fats and chipping to average 3-7 feet so giving a chance for my putting (still a WIP) to take over, putts were more solid and lipped many 8 footers but lag putts were poor, thats just a tempo thing if the strikes are decent. onwards and upwards....fed up yesterday but enthusiastic today to fix it.
  16. I think OP was talking more in line with the Twitter/email entry contests because he was lamenting the fact that his feed is full of people retweeting gear. Otherwise, we'd just be in the domain of this other thread that had been covered deeply: Which reviews do you apply for? The flood of contest retweets can be astonishing.... especially around majors and other large events. I only do the RT/follow contests if that is all I have to do. Anything that asks for you to tag 3 friends, do a cartwheel, enter email addresses........no thanks. I also try to stick to interesting smaller companies like Putt Out or Oncore because I like the content they offer regardless of the contests. Oh yeah, and #SpyStaffSlam. Can't ignore that one! Sent from carrier pigeon using MyGolfSpy
  17. I was fitted for Irons last year for the first time in maybe a decade or more. I found that the lie and loft were still about the same but I needed to drop from stiff shafts to regular. I also went to a much lighter shaft and it has made a huge difference to my game. I just wish I had been fitted sooner, it could have saved me years of frustration!!
  18. Welcome. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose clubs are at fault for their game!
  19. Just purchased tickets for the NW Arkansas Championship next month. Took my wife and daughter last year and I think we'll keep going as long as they have a stop nearby. I'll never forget standing beside the 16th green last year and watching one of the girls miss left. She had a slightly uphill lie in the rough with green sloping away and the pin cut on the other side of the green. I called the shot and she executed perfectly. High lob that landed soft and trickled down to within a few feet. Yeah, those girls can play.
  20. I use a similar mix... distilled water and tea trea oil.
  21. The body, arms and hands all play a role. Using just hands/arms one can generate more speed than just using the body. It's about seauencing all the parts properly.
  22. Great information from all of the posts above. There is a lot of talk about the "feel" difference between a cast club and a forged club. In my opinion the difference is very subjective. For me the difference between the feel of both types of clubs is very very small. For others after hitting a forged club they can't stand the "clicky" sound of a cast club. It is hard to put my finger on why but I suspect it has something to do with the player's hearing. Most people agree that the "feel" of the club is really the sound it makes. Since my ears are not that great maybe that is why the different constructed clubs don't make that much difference to me. The only way to find out for yourself is to hit a nice soft forged club and a cast club side by side. If you love the feel of the forged club then that is what you should buy. As others have said the cast clubs are slightly harder metal so they hold up a little better. Since I don't notice a feel difference then the more durable club is a good choice for me.
  23. Yes, all the time. The new golf pants are very comfortable, above all breathable and light....like wearing shorts except classier looking. Losers = cargo shorts, throw em out if you still wear them. One of women's magazines did a poll of what mens apparel turns you off the most... Cargo shorts any color, as long as it has exterior pockets was the number one turn off. Most of the women's comments mentioned "loser"
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