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JS Smith

Community Manager

Hello, I'm GolfSpy_THV and have been the community manager for the MGS Forum since Jan 2021.

I started playing golf with my father at the age of 9 and have been in and out of the game over the years. Now with my 3 children getting a little older and more self-reliant, I have picked it back up in earnest to hone my skills and become a consistent 80's player. However, what really kick-started my new found love of the game was being selected a tester in 2018 to try out the new Wilson D300 irons. Since then, I have become more knowledgeable about the game and equipment thanks to the MGS main site and our wonderful members here on the forum. 

If you have a genuine question, I am sure our members can provide you an answer or direction to pursue. It is a pleasure to serve as the admin with some of the best mods and members on the web! 

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GolfSpy MPR

Michael Riley

Forum Moderator

Grew up playing golf a few times a summer with my dad. Took up the game more seriously about 10 years ago. Now I try to learn as much as possible about golf not for my game, but to guide my sons who play.

Came to MGS originally through the blog. Found the Forum through the testing opportunities. Got involved because I've never found another internet forum, on any subject, that combines substantial discussion with respect the way this one does.


Tony Rosselli

Forum Moderator

I’ve been playing golf seriously off and on for 14yrs.  I stumbled across the MGS Forum, participated in my first test, and was hooked on the forum from them on.  I’m happy to be volunteering as a Mod and guiding members through the testing process!  I currently work as the Director of Player Development and Internships for a Professional Golf Management University Program.  It has been a dream job for me and I get to play more golf now than ever before.  I’m also currently working on my own PGA Membership program and would love to get my game to a level where I can try to qualify for a U.S. Open or the PGA Championship representing the PGA Professionals.


Jamie Danbrook

Forum Moderator

I have been a member Since April 2016 and a staff member since June of 2021. 

I am a lefty golfer and play off a 10 hdcp. I have been fortunate to been around golf since I was a kid even though I had many years off in my early twenties. I found the forum through testing/club reviews when I really got the itch back and stayed for the membership and conversation. Since gotten deep into our Fantasy Leagues both Golf and Football and a variety of other threads. 

I am known on the forum by golfspy_APH and for having 3 awesome dogs and being a Canadian based in Switzerland. Always happy to assist with any questions anyone may have on the forum!


Bryan Pluta

Forum Moderator

GolfSpy_BOS here.  No, it's not because I run this show, but because I'm from outside Boston.  I've been hooked on golf for as long as I can remember and was taught by my father to play the game.  I got much more serious about golf when I got out of school and had more time to play.  Since then I've been on a journey to get better which has taken me from beginner to a 6 handicap (with goals of getting it lower!).

Since joining MGS as a forum member (B.Boston prior to becoming a moderator) I've learned quite a bit with the help and encouragement of membership here.  Now I am honored to be part of the Mod Team with goals of continuing to grow this great forum and keep it awesome.

Outside of that I'm a Father of three great kids who keep me on my toes and your most beloved #CobraConnectChampion. 😉 

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Benjamin Thompson

Forum Content Hunter

Living the social media's golf life. I've been a golfer since I was 4 years old, and have enjoyed as low as a 3.9 handicap, but am playing closer to a 9 right now due to lack of time to practice and play. I play most of my golf bouncing around different public and private courses in Atlanta where I live, but try to do 2-3 golf trips a year. 

I'm an avid fan of course architecture and playing bucket list courses. If you ever have any questions about golf trips, I've probably done the trip or had a friend who's done it so reach out.

Send me all your hot takes on golf topics.

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Rob Canady

Semi Retired Forum Staffer

Semi Retired, does that mean I should be living in Florida for half the year? 

GoflSpy_CG2 here.  Thanks to JS and team for letting me hang around the Moderatior table and jump in and help or maybe muddy the waters now an then with my thoughts.

I have lived in DC/Baltimore area for the past 30 years, prior to that I have litterally lived coast to Coast from Ohio to Florida and Califorina to North Carolina.   

As for my golf game, I'm a never seem to be improving 16.6 handicap.  I can go out and occassionaly shoot an 82 or 83 and think ok, I've got this game.  But that is seems like it is always followed by a humbling 99 to 103.    This game definitely keeps us from getting a big head!  Distance is my weak point, I litteraly don't drive it much past 210 to 215, but accuracy is a plus as my stats show I'm hitting 66% of fairways.  Putting is my strength, it can litteraly save me 4 to 6 shots a round when I'm hitting the ball horribly from tee to green. 

I have been a member of MGS for 6 years. I became a moderator about 1.5 years in, and then served as Co Forum Director for 2 years. Due to my full time job demands, I stepped back from that role last year. 

I have been around Golf Forums for the better part of 20 years.  Does that make me some sort of basement internet geek...ha   But truthfully, like everyone here, I love talking gofl equipment and exchanging golf stories with others. 

I'm known a bit for my propensity to buy, sell and trade clubs.  Ok, maybe a bit more buying than the other two.  But working in Sales for a Gofl Course, I get to see all the new lines coming out from all the OEM as soon as they are in the reps hands.  And in additon to handling the member testing here for several years, I usually get the rundown directly from the OEM marketing sides as well. 

As with al lthe MOD staff, we are here to serve you, so don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime I might be able to help. 


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