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Jamie Danbrook

Forum Director

I have been a member Since April 2016 and a staff member since June of 2021. 

I am a lefty golfer and play off a 7 hdcp. I have been fortunate to been around golf since I was a kid even though I had many years away from golf in my early twenties. I found the forum through testing/club reviews when I really got the itch back and stayed for the membership and conversation. MGS Forum has become my social media and where I spend way too much time day and night, but would have it no other way.

Outside of golf I am based in Switzerland and have 3 dogs, a wonderful wife and 2 small kids. Check out the parenting thread to know more about them! 

Always happy to assist with any questions anyone may have on the forum.

New here? Check out The Good Morning Thread to get started!

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GolfSpy BOS

Bryan Pluta

Forum Moderator

GolfSpy_BOS here.  No, it's not because I run this show, but because I'm from outside Boston.  I've been hooked on golf for as long as I can remember and was taught by my father to play the game.  I got much more serious about golf when I got out of school and had more time to play.  Since then I've been on a journey to get better which has taken me from beginner to a 6 handicap (with goals of getting it lower!).

Since joining MGS as a forum member (B.Boston prior to becoming a moderator) I've learned quite a bit with the help and encouragement of membership here.  Now I am honored to be part of the Mod Team with goals of continuing to grow this great forum and keep it awesome.

Outside of that I'm a Father of three great kids who keep me on my toes and your most beloved #CobraConnectChampion. 😉 


Mark Kramer

Forum Leader

Formerly known as blackngold_blood. I have been a member since 2015. I started playing when I was 16ish years old(right at the start of the Tiger craze) and feel in love immediately.   After over a quarter of a century in this game my love for it had only grown.  I’m an avid club ho’ and fantasy sports nut.   I no longer keep an official handicap but would unofficially put it between 5-7.  

I live in north central Iowa with my beautiful wife. I have one daughter who has more talent for drawing than I do for everything combined.  When I’m not golfing, I’m a HVAC tech for my full time job. 

Im ecstatic to be a part of the forum leader group and can’t wait to help the mods in continuing the growth of this amazing forum. 

GolfSpy SAM

Matt Swanson

Forum Leader

Hey hey! 

  Formerly "Samsonite", as an homage to my love for Dumb & Dumber, I've been a member of the forum since 2020.  

  I'm currently playing off a 12 handicap, though I fully expect to have that to a plus-3 in the next year. Cough. I might also be slightly delusional and under the assumption I will be offered the chance to play golf full time for my full salary.  It could happen. 

  Outside of the forum, I'm a dad to two awesome kids (7 and 3), and husband to an incredible wife whose patience and smarts are matched only by her beauty (and who in no way will read this but if she does, I just won some major brownie points).  We live just north of Los Angeles, which thankfully means year-round golf.

   Come find me and make a reference to a movie and we'll be best friends 🙂 Thrilled to be a part of this group!

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Rob Canady

Semi Retired Forum Director, Moderator

Semi Retired, does that mean I should be living in Florida for half the year? 

GoflSpy_CG2 here.  Thanks to Jaime and team for letting me hang around the Moderator table and jump in and help or maybe muddy the waters now an then with my thoughts.

I have lived in DC/Baltimore area for the past 30 years, prior to that I have literally lived coast to Coast from Ohio to Florida and California to North Carolina.   

As for my golf game, I'm a never seem to be improving 16.6 handicap.  I can go out and occasionally shoot an 82 or 83 and think ok, I've got this game.  But that is seems like it is always followed by a humbling 99 to 103.    This game definitely keeps us from getting a big head!  Distance is my weak point, I literally don't drive it much past 210 to 215, but accuracy is a plus as my stats show I'm hitting 66% of fairways.  Putting is my strength, it can save me 4 to 6 shots a round when I'm hitting the ball horribly from tee to green. 

I have been a member of MGS sine 2016. I became a moderator about 1.5 years in, and then served as Co Forum Director for 2 years. Due to my full time job demands, I stepped back from that full time role in 2021

I have been around Golf Forums for the better part of 20 years.  Does that make me some sort of basement internet geek...ha   But truthfully, like everyone here, I love talking golf equipment and exchanging golf stories with others. 

I'm known a bit for my propensity to buy, sell and trade clubs.  Ok, maybe a bit more buying than the other two.  But working in Sales for a Golf Course, I get to see all the new lines coming out from all the OEM as soon as they are in the reps hands.  And in addition to handling the member testing here for several years, I usually get the rundown directly from the OEM marketing sides as well. 

As with al the MOD staff, we are here to serve you, so don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime I might be able to help. 


GolfSpy TCB

Tim Root

Forum Moderator

I am a relatively new member of MyGolfSpy - joined in June 2021 and an even newer member of the MGS Forum Staff (September 2022) - but immediately found a home here with the forum members.  A better group of like minded souls I have never found.  

I started golfing with my Dad and Grandfathers, using a cut down persimmon 4 wood and a putter, and have loved the game for it's solitude, tradition and challenge most of my life. When my baseball "career" finishing in college - I dove head first into golf, focusing on improving my game and striving for that ultimate personal goal of being a scratch golfer... that journey continues.

I was born and raised in Central Washington State (the dry side of the Cascades), then moved to SW Washington (the wet side of the Cascades) with my wife to raise our 5 kids (all still in the house 🙂) until about 3 years ago when we moved to Houston, Texas.  

I am excited to be a part of the MGS Staff and help to make the forum experience the best it can be for all its members.




Forum Leaders



Forum Leader

I've been a member since 2017 and just took on the role of Intern, I mean Forum Leader, in the fall of 2023.

I'm on Active Duty in the Air Force, I'm happily married, and have 3 little kids ages 10, 8, and 6 that keep me crazy busy.  When I do have a minute, chances are I'm playing golf, practicing, or doing whatever I can to get better.  I'm currently a 7 handicap with some lofty ambitions to get that down to scratch in the next couple of years.



Forum Leader

Hello fellow spies! My name is Jason Noble, and I’ve been a member of the forum since 2018, but did not get really active until around July of last year. I asked a question about whether to bag a 3 wood or 5 wood, and multiple long time members and mods answered. I knew at that moment this was a spot I wanted to be on the internet and have loved every second of it. I don’t think you’ll find a better online community than what we have here at the MGS forum.

I’ve got two boys, ages 6 (Myles) and 3 (Brody), and have been married to my wife for 9 years. We live on the golf course so get to spend a lot of time enjoying it as both of my boys love to get out as well. I’ve got it made for playing lots of golf as they get older.

I currently play off a 16.1 handicap (started the 2023 season at 30.3), and am going to continue the trend downward as I chase low 80s and someday breaking the 80 barrier!

Lastly, I’m always available to answer questions or help in any way that I can! 

Ben Joest

Ben Joest

Forum Leader

I joined the forum in March of 23' and in short order I have found a home. The MyGolfSpy forum community is unlike any other collective of folks I have found, in the best possible way. There is a kindness at work here, that allows it's members to be civil to one another and interact with each other respectfully.

I am the father of three pretty awesome kids, Emma(11), Katie(9) and Noah(4). They all have varying degrees of interest in the grand old game and that makes me a happy, proud papa!

My current handicap index is a 1.6, there are a few happy, shiny days when that feels too high. There are plenty of other days, when it feels impossibly low. Such is the game of golf. As my game is currently constructed, I am an adequate putter, a good wedge player, a better than average ball striker, and a wildly inconsistent driver of the golf ball. I strive for incremental improvement and the day I make it to scratch.

Lastly, kind people are the best. So if you're going to be something today, be kind.



Forum Leader

What’s up everybody!

Name is Mark Lacasse from Massachusetts and I have been a member here since 2019 and became pretty active in 2020.

I have been around golf since I was young but did not play often, just a few times a year with my dad at the local par 3 course (wish it was still here! Houses now). Baseball was my passion but as I got older and came back home after the military I really dove head first into golf. It is now my enjoyment outside of family and keeps me grounded. Currently playing a 4.8 handicap hopefully dropping lower next year!

Outside of the forum I am a dad of two kids and married to my lovely wife who supports my…habit…thank God! For work I manage commercial facilities and down the road hopefully I get an opportunity manage a private course/country club….gotta have a dream!

Happy to be apart of this team on MGS and here to help out any way that I can. If ya have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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