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  1. It would be incredible to get selected for this one!  As much as I'd love to give the T200s a go, I selected the T300s as they really are more appropriate for me.

  2. I actually looked into this recently, didn't pull the trigger for a few reasons, but primarily because I had some questions on the process, and I'm not in a real hurry to get back into the market for another driver.  What better way to get those questions answered than getting to test the process here though?  I'm in, and hoping to be one of the lucky participants. 

  3. I've been getting the MyGolfSpy newsletters for quite a while, so have received many invites to sign up for equipment testing.  I just never got around to signing up here on the forum, but this time decided to take the plunge.

    I'd love to give the Honma GS Series driver a good test and review. I fit the target profile, that's for sure.

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