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  1. I walk and carry mostly early mornings when there is heavy dew on the ground.

    I use to love Footjoy Contours they were like walking on pillows and you could take them straight out of the box and walk and carry for 18 holes and it was great, no tired or aching feet. Fast forward and I found my feet hurting after 18 holes with the newer Contours and the stability on the shoes was less than ideal when walking so I tried Addidas, not bad but not the same. I have tried and returned 4 different brands of shoes this year and have settled on New Balance as the most comfortable but still not great.

    I don't know if the companies that make golf shoes are putting enough design energy into comfort and stability as they are the looks. I'm hoping a company comes out with a shoe that is stable, comfortable, holds up to early morning heavy dew walking in the near future so I can get a pair. That is my golf wish for the year.

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