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  1. I just use that terminology since, presumably, all or nearly all of the balls you find on the popular used ball sites are fished out of water. Was hoping there was some foresight data comparing balls from those sights to New ones (That weren't commissioned by said websites). I use Snell nowadays and those along with Vice and Maxfli are definitely the best value but I play a lot of narrow tree lined courses and losing a ball when I miss the fairway by 20 feet gets old.
  2. Has there been any definitive testing done on the performance of mint or near mint used golf balls that have presumably been under water for varying amounts of time? In some googling and forum surfing I've found plenty of anecdotal and contradicting viewpoints/"Studies" but nothing that I would consider reliable or comprehensive.
  3. Going to try the kirklands... hopefully the high spin doesn't have too huge of an effect. Has anyone tried either the Inesis 500 Distance (10 a dozen and comes in yellow) or the MG C4/Cut Blue? The C4/Cut is a bit off topic but theyre suspiciously cheap and MG was in the ball test without anything explicitly negative said about it.
  4. After playing with em for maybe 6 holes today the Top Flite Hammer Controls were definitely no good. Did similar weird things I experienced with XL distance where they carried maybe 40 yards less than normal balls, one ball practically couldn't get airborne, another duck hooked on a shot that really didn't feel like should have duck hooked. Afterwords I played a taylormade distance+ which was actually pretty good but at 20 a dozen is a bit more than I'm lookin for essentially a throwaway ball.
  5. The rough around here is left very long in the fall/winter and it's easy to lose balls out there so I'm looking for relatively cheap balls I don't mind losing (about a buck a ball or less ideally) My main concern is reliability which makes me hesitant of kirkland balls. 2 pc balls are okay in the fall and winter since greens are soft. Top Flites are very cheap but I've used some XLs that have done some weird stuff in the air, the cheap vice balls are also in that range, any other thoughts?
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