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  1. I have been swinging my DIY weighted club almost daily for a year. It's really my Lob Wedge with a sock tied to the club head. But I have come to the point where I think it's not going anywhere in increasing my clubhead speed.


    After viewing the Sports Science video, I'm convinced enough that its time for a different approach. It makes perfect sense to me that being so used to heavy clubs, I tend to over-power the driver, and mis-time my swing, resulting in less than great drives.


    From now onward, I'm going to swing something really light, like my son's driver. Let's see what happens in the weeks to come.

  2. For quite some time now, the WGR had Tiger Woods as number one golfer in the world, despite the fact that he was not playing that well for quite a while. And through that period, this ranking system had almost zero credibility.


    Then Lee Westwood overtook Tiger, and after that Martin Kaymer overtook Lee, then things start to look a bit more realistic.


    The way I see it, the ranking system looks much more credible now than it was 1 week ago, and way more credible than it was er.... 6 weeks ago.


    I will not quibble over the 3rd rank, because I think Luke Donald had a fantastic run over the weekend, and it just that he players he overtook did not open a wide enough gap, which allowed Luke's fantastic play last week to overtake them all.


    Still the ranking now is much more realistic than when Tiger was world number 1.

  3. Just want to hear what you guys think of Lee Westwood's actions on hole number 16 after he missed a 3'-5" putt to win that hole. First he goes to scoop the ball with his putter and misses the scoop up. Then in frustration he kicks the ball off the green and in the process he scrapes up the green with his spikes. Then when he gets to his bag he throws his putter back to the bag bouncing it on the grass and off the bag. My problem is if this was TIGER WOODS, this would have been highlight material for every sports channel. I noticed that no one at all on the Golf Channel mentioned Lee Westwood's "PETULANT" behavior or his temper and lack of Golf Etiquette! I mean not a word was said by Nick Faldo or Terry Gannon about the lack of class by the WORLDS #1. I wonder if the European announcers for Sky TV went off on one of their own like they did and do at any action that they feel is a detriment to the game by Tiger Woods? Do you feel it's OK for other golfers to do as they please and only certain players are to be judged when they have outbursts? Just curious!

    Well.... He is not world number 1 anymore ;)

  4. I play a combo set of cavity and muscle back blades. My previous set of super game improvement Cleveland HB3 brought me up to a 7.1 index, and I thought I was good enough to try more players irons - Titleist ZB Forge.


    Boy was I in for a shock! The Tity irons are not really forgiving, and plays about 2 clubs shorter. This is probably because the Titty loft is weaker, it is steel shafted (which is already shorter compared to HB3's graphites), and on my club fitter's recommendations, it was cut 1/2 inch shorter to better fit my swing. So previously what I used to cover my PW distance, now I have to use an 8 iron, and it will only get there provided I hit the ball perfectly.


    Frankly I'm not sure whether I regret the change. The new irons exposes all the flaws in my game, and forced me to work harder on my swing, which could result in a better overall game. But for now I have to endure the pain of seeing my handicap getting worst, the indignity of play much much more club for the same distance, and yet not quite getting there.


    Then again, the original intention was to change to a less forgiving iron, so that I can improve my game overall. Whether it's going to work out remains to be seen.


    My take about whether should higher capper use blades is that it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you just want to enjoy the game, please avoid blades. If you think using blades makes you look good, well it don't if you can't play it. But if you use blades because you want to improve, it's up to you.


    After all, before Ping and Callaway, everybody, beginner or pros, were using blades and perssimon woods, and nobody were harmed in anyway.

  5. I replaced my 5 wood with 2 hybrid. My 2 hybrid is a real workhorse. When I need to get from here to there and cover some real estate reliably, this would be my go-to club.


    Anytime I need to cover any distance between 80 and 200 yds this is the club for me. It has saved me many shots, I reckoned whenever I pull out my 2 hybrid, I potentially save myself 1 - 1.5 strokes.


    A typical scenario is a bad drive that leaves me with more than 280 yards to the green. I could pull out my 3 wood which would be good for 220 yards, provided I don't top / duff it - that happens almost every time when it matters. On a downhill lie, it is almost impossible to hit a 3 wood for me. There's an 80% chance for me to take at least 3 strokes to cover 280 yards with a 3 wood; with shorter clubs, I would also take at least 3 strokes to cover the same distance. While the 2 hybrid I can reliably hit 200 yards from just about any lie, leaving me a straight forward chip to the green, that's 1 stroke saved.


    By comparison my 5 wood is almost spanking new. The head is too big, club shaft too long, as a result it does nothing much more than to sit in the bag and look pretty, because somehow I just can't hit the darned thing. If I could hit the club, I could hit my 3 wood just as well because the difference between both is quite minimal to me.

  6. I read Dave Pelz putting bible.


    The key takeaway for me is to try and master long putts to avoid 3 putting. There was also a little about chip-putting, which helped me a lot on long uphill putts.


    I'm not a fan of straight back and through putting stroke which Dave Pelz advocates. I'm also not so convinced using his method of reading breaks result in more putts made. For me I have better luck just feeling and visualizing the path and speed which the ball should take when tackling breaking putts. I realize my misses would be much less severe, and I make more than my fair share of downhill breaking putts this way.

  7. Seems I'm a minority here, I'm an iPhone user. I have played around with other smartphones like Droid, HTC for short time. My first impression is that the touch screen sensitivity for iPhone is still the best.


    Most importantly for me it's the number of available apps developed for the platform. I may be wrong, but I still thing iPhone has the widest selection. Although stuff that I'm only interested in are golf related apps. I think I have just about every golf apps for iPhone that is available.

  8. I noticed one big thing about this post. Everyone keeps referencing the Cleveland putters. I use a Cleveland BRZ 2 and it is the best putter I have ever felt. I had to change the grip to an Iomic but start reading reviews and experts will tell you that these putter feel just as good enough better than a Scotty!!!

    I noticed that too! Seems that I'm not alone in being very much in love with the Cleveland putter. It is a really cheap putter but every bit as good as other more expensive putters as far as taking golf balls into the hole.


    Already I notice a difference in term of feel comparing the Cleveland to my new Scotty. Cleveland has a very soft bettery feel, while Scotty is crisp, some may say it feels harsh.

  9. I finally collected my Scotty from the pro shop at my golf course. Ironic I had the best putting round ever with my cheapo Cleveland putter. Maybe it knows there's a new kid in town and so it better behave. I'll keep my good ol' Cleveland putter, just so the new Scotty knows it has to deliver the goods.

  10. Do you guys go for par 5's in two if you think you can make it?


    I'm about a 3 handicap and I rarely do, but then again a lot of the courses I play have either no par 5's or dog legs, so it doesn't make much sense.

    My home course is a very unfair link style course. The par 5 either play long into the wind, another one has no direct short from the fairway. The hardest is the 18th which has water just before the green, water on the most of 150 yards leading to the green, and a few "well placed" pot bunkers on the fairway. I really wish I could reach the green in 2, I have tried but never succeeded.

    The only hole where there's a fair chance of reaching in 2, but the 2nd shot is a downhill lie, and I have never been able to hit a 3 wood on downhill lies.

  11. The word delusional really strike a chord with me. I'm also delusional in that I still work at qualifying for tour even though I'm reaching mid forties.


    I have put off my dreams for a pointless career in corporate life, having a family and paying bills.


    Yes I'm delusional, there are so many on tour who are younger, fitter, bigger, and better than me in many ways. I'm already in my 40's and time is not on my side.


    Call me delusional, but at least I still have a dream and working at it.

  12. I am somewhat of a Tiger fan in that I love to see him hit golf balls, but I'm not a fan of his on and off course antics.


    I think Tiger has done his invaluable part in making golf more accessible to people. It is now time for the new young talents to emerge. Presently I'm watching Charl Schwartzel, he's got the most beautiful swing, and tones of game to do well in PGA Tour. And there are many more just as good as him in tour.


    My point is, if you look beyond Tiger, there's lots to see in golf.

  13. Thats what i figured. and yes it is similar to johnny vegas' putter same with two of the three that rickie uses as well. I love Scotty putters but its time they came out with something new to the market and i guarantee these would huge sellers for them

    Now they have the California series and Tour Rat (sort of a combination of all the good design elements in the past) should be due for release soon. So there are things to look forward to.


    There are ways to further customize your putter, if it's too much of a hassle to send to them, I suppose you can check out the DIY section in this forum, there are some very interesting tips on custom finishing wedges which I'm quite sure can be applied to your putter. You can also custom paint fill the putter for that extra personal touch.

  14. I seriously doubt a white driver makes any difference in performance. I like the clubhead to appear compact, and painting the head white certainly doesn't help.


    Not that Callaway driver is any better. I'm still very happy with my driver. Nothing technologically special about it. It's design is plain, and rather boring by today's standards. But it helps ms avoid the left side of the fairway, send the ball plenty far. That's all I'm willing to pay for in a driver.

  15. Impactful marketing usually requires positioning one's offerings against a competitor's. Great examples include the fight between Coke and Pepsi. Then 7-up position themselves as the "not Coke". It's all about jostling for position in the consumers' minds.


    That's just the way it is, eventually it's always a 2 horse race between 2 biggest players, with the rest of the smaller players fighting for scraps.

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