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  1. On 1/7/2022 at 4:48 AM, greggarner said:

    In my prior efforts with speed training, I've never really been able to realize significant gains. Pre-training, I cruised around 105 mph and after 3x/week of speed training over 3 months, I had a single driver swing hit 110 mph. Don't get me wrong, 5 mph is 5 mph and that's still added distance, but I feel like I'm working like crazy for mediocre numbers while other guys with my build are (seemingly) easily cracking 115+. (I'm 6'2", 185 lbs and would pull a 7-iron from 150 yards out.)

    Here's my question -- at what point do we need to look at actual swing/mechanics changes to take advantage of increased strength and mobility?


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