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  1. I play about 12 rounds a year, but I also go to the range twice a week for an hour or two (hitting 100 balls and putting/chipping for a while)


    My handicap is 16


    My current putter is a Bobby Grace Shiloh putter (with the HSM insert, so I'm quite curious to see how the grooves on the Evnroll putters compare to the HSM inserts from Bobby Grace, since the idea behind them both is similar)

  2. My name is Michael Mc., from Illinois


    I am currently using the #2 putter from the 2015 Most Wanted Blade Putter: the TaylorMade Tour Black Indy.


    I bought the TaylorMade putter after the results came out from the 2015 test, because I was actually able to test this one out at a local golf shop before I bought it. It would be great to put it against the #1 putter, the Carbon Ringo, and see if that one actually works better for me.




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