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  1. Current Driver Shaft: Graphite Design YS-SIX Reloaded X 45"

    Swing Speed: 98-106mph


    I do my own club work and have an extra sleeve ready to test in my Fly-Z driver.


    For fitting purposes, I'm usually torn between an S and X flex UST shaft. I still play a UST Proforce 65 Stiff in my Callaway Hawkeye 2 wood (the original ti/tungsten mini driver) which has not been out done in well over a decade. Loved the UST V2 MOI X shaft I had in my previous driver (Weight 73g, Torq 3.2, Butt Stiffness 300, Mid Stiffness 8.5, Tip Stiffness 30). For better or worse, I play an over the top pull and can describe my swing in more detail but I don't want to scare people away from the site. 




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