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  1. First off I want to thank the people at MGS and Nike for the opportunity to test out this putter.

    I have been excited for this bad boy to arrive.  When I came home from vacation the Nike box was waiting for me.



    Putter came in a box that was labeled for an iron set. Not sure if this is what they normally send putters in. Packaging was very minimal with the putter wrapped in shipping paper:



    It came in a ton of plastic wrap, but there were red strips inside the wrap that made it easy to take off. Like the strip you find on a pack of cigarettes or gum.  Once I took the plastic off my next mission was to take off all of the stickers.


    First impression:

    First thing that I noticed is that I LOVE the grip.  It is medium sized grip but it was very tacky and had some give to it.  Felt amazing in my hands.  The putter has some weight to it which is defiantly a plus in my book.  I am also a huge fan of the head cover. It is Heavy Duty and is a high quality well-made cover and looks like it would take a lot to damage it.  The gunmetal and red look Bad ass. I just cant get over how nice this putter looks.



    I am a big fan of this putter by looks. I can't wait to take it out and see how it does.  Because I could use the help













  2. 1. General impressions/preconceived notions

      Before this test I have never given Nike much thought on their clubs. I have always loved all their apparel but would not go looking for their putters.  In the past I have gone to Golfsmith and tested out and selected a putter that was a good fit. There was no real rhyme or reason on selection of putters it was just feel. I currently have been using the Oddessy Sabretooth with the fat grip.  I like the feel and balance of this specific putter.  I think like most people my biggest challenge putting is my consistency.



    2. Looks:  

    This putter looks BAD ASS. I love the lines and the colors.  The grip feels amazing and the head cover is A+. 


    Score 100


    3. Feel:

    This putter has a nice soft feel. The ball comes off the club with a nice soft sound.  I think the face makes the ball come of soft and not jump off the face of the club. I got a great roll off this putter.

    Score: 90


    4. Practice Green accuracy:

    The string red lines made it nice and easy to aim the putter.  It took a while to get a feel for the distance of my putts. I was going long a lot at the beginning but once I was able to dial in the distance I started to have a lot of fun.  For me the putter was very consistent and I was able to make longer puts that were giving me a lot of issues in the past.


    Score: 92


    5 On course performance:

    I was only able to get out for 3 rounds with this putter. I was able to notice the difference the more I have played from it. Not a huge drastic difference but I am getting a better feel for putting that I have not had before. I am not making more birdies but the # of putts has been shrinking. 


    Score: 95 


    6. Likelihood of purchase:

    Before testing I would have said that my likelihood of purchase would have been very low. The reason for that is because I rarely see demo Nike putters in stores around me. But after testing I will say that this is a very good putter and I would have no problem spending on this club.


    Score: 90




    7. Total score/conclusions:

    BIG fan of this putter. The looks are great and the feel on the green are awesome.  This is a quality product and I would not hesitate to purchase.












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