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  1. I have read many articles stating that Covid and the pandemic have brought a slew of new people into the game. The majority say it is a good thing. I disagree! It seems that every round our group plays, we get behind the threesome or foursome that has seemingly never played golf before. Breakfast balls on #1 are expected, but you don't get two or three on each tee box! Please leave your favorite tee at home, I truthfully had a group putt out on a par three and then drive back to our tee box and ask for his tee. Then there is the group that thinks the fairway is a driving range. They don't like the outcome of their shot, just drop another and try again. We have had guys if front of us on a saturday teaching their girlfriends how to swing a golf club, and showing no concern for holding up the entire golf course. I was once the newbie, friends who had played for years took me to the driving range. I then played nothing but scrambles for months. disrupting other peoples games was not tolerated. We have gone from sub 4 hour rounds to if you get done in 5 it's a good day. Is it just me?
  2. I need to test this for you. 3 putts are killing me!!! Last week I hit a par 4 green in 2 and doubled it.
  3. Gary Springtown Tx. USA Odyssey 2ball red Would like to test the Fletch for you.
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