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  1. Tom Florida 30+ Eyeball (maybe if I had a range finder, my handicap wouldn't be so high lol) Thanks for the chance
  2. Tom Brady Bradenton, Fl Handicap somewhere around 25 plus (but trying to improve) My shots are so inconsistent, sometimes I hit them fat, sometimes I'm skimming the top of the ball and sometimes I look like I know what I'm doing and get a good hit. I believe the DST would help me improve my shots by making sure my hands are in the proper location at impact, thus helping me get rid of my inconsistent play.
  3. Tom Bradenton, Fl Currently have a TaylorMade R1 Flex Shaft but I also still have my first driver - Callaway Big Bertha War Bird, that I'll take to the range every now and then just for kicks. have no idea what my Swing speed is and I have no idea what my handicap is.
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