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  1. Bret Van Riessen

    Sioux Center, IA

    During winter I use an indoor mat. I've never had a high quality mat. But it's better than nothing. But I would really like to have a new quality mat to get a better feel and practice session. I also use the hole out device where the ball has to go up a ramp and stay in the hole. It's definitely challenging but helps work on your speed. 


    I'd like to try the fast birdieball putting green as that is typically what my home course greens run at. 


    Thanks for the opportunity! 

  2. My dad has one if these. Not sure how much he has used it. I have only swung it a few times. But I may have to pick his brain and see if he's been using it at all. I think if anything he uses it before he plays cuz he doesn't hit on the range. I know after I swung it a few times my driver felt extremely light! Which is expected, IMO. Thanks for the review!


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  3. Bret/Iowa

    Callaway X2Hot Pro 16* w/ Aldila Tour Green Xstiff

    Callaway X2Hot Pro 20* w/ Aldila Tour Green Xstiff

    Not Custom fitted but I do like the shaft

    Hybrids are much better than 3i or 3 wood for me. Shot dispersion is pretty good and i normally know where ball is going.

    My miss is left (slice) normally (left handed) and at times ball will have too much back spin especially into wind.


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  4. I had the callaway RAZR driver and cracked the face about 3-4 yrs ago. At first they weren't going to warranty it and I was a little disappointed. Actually quite upset. I called them out on social media saying other companies would warranty it. Mind you, I'm a callaway junky and told them I might as well switch to TM. In hindsight, calling them out on Twitter wasn't the best thing to do in a sense, but after a few days they contacted me through twitter and sent me a new big Bertha alpha. That was the newest driver at the time. When it was all said and done they came through for me which I really appreciated. I love Callaway.


    Now if only my XR would crack so I can get a free upgrade to the Epic 😂


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