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    (5) Testers Wanted!!


    Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters


    Cleveland's 2017 Huntington Beach putter line is proving that a milled face putter does not need to cost $300 to $400 to do a nice job of rolling the biscuit in the basket!


    Cleveland's new putters were the surprise darling of MyGolfSpy's 2017 Most Wanted Blade and Mallet Putter Tests, with the $99 Huntington Beach line representing in both categories, with the HB #1 coming in 4th overall among blades.



    We're looking for 5 of you to, basically, check our work!


    How To Apply:


    To apply to test and review a Cleveland Huntington Beach putter, please tell us the following:

    • Your first name & home state/province
    • Your current putter
    • Your Huntington Beach putter of choice (check them out here)

    We'll announce the 5 testers in this thread next week. Good luck!




    You MUST apply IN THIS THREAD to be eligible.




    Ben Hogan PTx Irons


    attachicon.gifBen Hogan PTx irons bnr.jpg


    What should a Game Improvement iron actually do?


    Let you get away with bad swings? Or maybe, you know, help improve your game?

    Testers  Wanted

    The new Ben Hogan Company says there's a big  difference between shot improvement and true game improvement. Shot improvement lets you get away with mistakes, but game improvement mitigates your mistakes while giving you enough feedback to help you strike the ball better today, tomorrow and next week.




    Hogan says its new PTx irons not only forgive you your trespasses, but through feedback will help you in your journey to become a better ball striker. MyGolfSpy wants 6 of you to help us see if that's true.

    How To Apply:

    Hogan is providing MyGolfSpy with 6 sets of the new PTx irons for our readers to test and review (and keep). We take our club testing very seriously, so please read the following instructions carefully.


    To review the Hogan PTx irons:


    1. Visit Ben Hogan's website and check out the PTx irons


    2. In this thread, tell us your first name, home state/province, current handicap


    It's that easy!


    We'll announce the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to visit this thread again to see if you're chosen!




    David Couch


    Navarre, Florida



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