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  1. Jeff Diekemper/St. Charles, Missouri

    15 minutes 3 times a week on a putting green during my lunch break and various amounts of time daily in my basement on my puttout mat and pressure putt.  I have the mirror and gates, but rarely use them as they distract my eyes when putting.

    (1.2) 3 putts per round

    As a feel putter I keep putting simple by reading the line, looking at my aim point, and putt the ball.  I am curious if I would be able adjust and hit good putts with a given distance instead of depth perception.  Bringing it into the office and competing with a few coworkers will also be a must.  


  2. Jeff/Missouri

    I currently use a footjoy hydrolite short sleeve sport windshirt and a Columbia Rebel Roamer Rain Pant.  I also carry the Gustbuster umbrella.      

    Playing in the midwest means that spot storms pop up on a regular basis.  Last year we were walking a nice little nine hole track and storm came rolling in as we were finishing hole 3 (furthest hole from the clubhouse).  It started with those big rain drops, you know the ones that indicate you are about to get a thorough wash-down, then within the next two minutes the wind picked up to the point that an umbrella was useless.  Behind the storm front was a constant wind and light rain so we marched through the next 6 holes.  My old umbrella was dislocated and I have a strong mental note to always carry some rain gear in my bag.

    I play in all conditions and I like to use the rain gear when it is raining or just wet conditions; nice to be able to grab a hose and spray off the pants then dry with a towel after a round of golf.  Do not want to ruin any nice golf clothing because of sloppy conditions on the course.

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