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  1. I used to have a big net for outdoor use. It really seemed to help my ball-striking. One day I hit the frame and it snapped. The net was rendered useless as I wasn't able to repair the frame. Now I only am able to chip into a bucket around the pool. I'd love to have a new hitting net to practice my swing. This net looks sturdy enough without being overly bulky. I like how they incorporated the chipping targets too. I would test the crap out of this thing.

  2. Nice. I would love to test and review this for you guys. Mostly because I'd love to set this up out back near the pool. I used to practice my putting inside my sunroom on the artificial turf carpet, using shot glasses as my target. I figured if it hits the shot glass, it's in the hole. It actually improved my putting quite a bit, but we replaced that carpet with something a bit more traditional (and less like a putting green). This would also give me and my friends another game to play while we're out back. This putting mat will get major usage.

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