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  1. I currently have about a dozen + putters in the stable. And, probably another dozen that have been through my hands. The current ones include 3 Scotty's, 2 Evenrolls, 3 Odyssey, 3 PXGs, a couple of Pings and a Spyder. They include counterbalanced, wrist lock and normal. I keep looking for something that feels comfortable to me and I have not found that perfect match just yet. Lately, the Evenroll blade and the Jailbird seems to spend most of the time in my bag. As I can't decide whether I am more comfortable with the blade or mallet style. When I rotate one into the bag my putting gets better but that only seems to last for a few rounds before I am back to my 34 - 38 putts per round. And I hate to admit it but I am actually thinking about the Mezz 1. And, YES a large part of me realizes that the problem is more my current skills and lack of practice more than anything and that is probably the only reason the Mezz 1 isn't in the bag yet.
  2. I am 79 years old and no longer have the distance (with any club) the way I used to. I was playing a red-green combo at my club and was consistently in the 96-105 range per round. Going to the green tees - a change of 1.3 on rating and 1 on slope seemed like a good idea in spite of the advice that the green tees were for folks 80+ years old. I am now posting rounds in the 80-90 range. Even managed to have a great round and shot my age. Most importantly I am really enjoying golf again. So, play from where you can have the most fun. The handicap system will take care of things if you are playing someone.
  3. I am pretty happy with my Mevo+. It gives me the key statistics I was looking for - primarily face to path related data.
  4. I've now been playing golf (off and on) for 66 years and honestly have no idea how many sets of clubs I've owned, but I can't imagine it is less that about 30. In the past 10 years I've had about 5 different sets of Callaway, 3 different sets of Ping, and 3 different sets of PXG. In spite of knowing full well that the clubs do NOT make the game, I keep trying to latest and greatest to see if I can play better. I only have a couple of sets currently as I have given most of them away to kids, grandkids, and veteran golf charity groups. I do still have a full set of Pine Eye 2 (1-sand edge). In terms of individual putters, I would guess I've had a ton. I've still got about a dozen different ones here at the house (Ping, Evenroll, Odyssey, Taylor Made, Cameron, etc.) that find themselves rolled into play as I keep searching for that magical one. And yeah I admit I probably have a problem thinking a new set of clubs is ever going to help my game. But I am just too old to change my approach at this point.
  5. my girl Blu with her head cover doppelgänger
  6. I sprung for the new 5.5 and like it thus far. unfortunately it did not magically make me a fantastic putter but according to my Arccos stats I'm getting better on strokes gained so it is going to stay in the bag ...... at least for a while....
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