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  1. Chad from Cheraw, SC iPhone X Outdoor testing No net
  2. 1. I’m currently playing to a 6, and I live in Cheraw, SC. 2. TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB, and my 8 iron carry is 160. 3. I have followed Sub 70 on social media for a while now, as I stumbled upon them while looking around at various DTC golf club options. Their products seem to be top notch from feedback and reviews I’ve read. I’ve been thinking hard about purchasing their Pro fairway wood as I’m in the market for a new 3 wood.
  3. 1. Chad from Cheraw, SC 2. Yes, various apps on my Apple Watch 3. Leupold range finder
  4. Had some Hogans years ago & would love to give these a go! Chad from South Carolina 40 years old and I'm currently a 6 handicap TM TP CB 5-GW (KBS Tour Stiff)
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