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  1. Played ten holes the other day and around the fifth hole, I started smashing my drives 280 (usually around 240). 

    im right handed and the inside of my right elbow started hurting. Two days later, it still hurts from the inside of the right elbow almost to the middle area. Doesn’t hurt to flex my wrist or bend my fingers, but it kills to straighten my arm. 

    what’s the cause of golfers elbow? I read it can be poor form, but I’m assuming something must have been right with my form given my consistent distance and accuracy that day. 

    Normally if I get sore from golf it’s my left shoulder from bending my left arm too much across my chest, so this pain is new. Just curious what I might have done during my swing to cause the injury, like maybe inadvertently flipping my wrists and not realizing it. 

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