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  1. You seem to love titleist clubs. Never really liked the look so never tried, all my clubs are TM or Cobra. What do you like about the 915s and Titleist in general?
  2. Just started golf in late august and have finalized my golf bag until I can get to a decent handicap. All clubs except putter are extended 1 1/2” (I’m 6’5”). Already addicted to golf but unfortunately live in Michigan so my season is almost done. Driver: 2016 M1 10.5 degrees stiff Fairway Wood: Cobra XL 3-4 wood stiff Wilson 5 wood offset (not sure what year this from, my buddy calls it the piss missile) Irons: Cobra King F6 with 3-5 hybrid 6-pw graphite ozik red tie 60g stiff Approach Wedge: Nike Victory 50 degree wedge Sand Wedge: Taylormade Milled Grind 56 degre
  3. I currently have Titleist DTR Irons from 1988. Getting an upgrade though
  4. Hey spies, I got through my first 18 and had a blast! However, after watching feedback of my swing I can tell there are a million things wrong with it. The main thing is the amount I bend over during my swing. It doesn't help that I am 6'5 and using standard clubs from the 80s (Titleist DTR and I'm getting new ones and getting fitted this week). I would just like some advice or tips I can use to improve my swing. I have thick skin so dissect it and tell me all the things I'm doing wrong. Thanks! https://youtu.be/D7hgW9bjRCo
  5. I found a brand new set of cobra king F6 irons with hybrids for cheap online and was wondering if anyone has used/uses them. Very new to golf so I want forgiveness. Do the clubs offer that as well? If not I will probably go with the Taylormade RSI1
  6. Did the RSI have problems across the board? Or was it just the RSI1, RSI2, or RSI MB
  7. I am afraid that if I get fitted I won’t get the budget irons I want since most of the clubs in the shops are a year or 2 old and used clubs from recent years have not really dropped in value
  8. All of the options I have found for roughly the same price and condition. I’ve seen some reviews on the d300s and they say the loft is the main factor for forgiveness on distance
  9. I am very new to golf (2 months) and have slowly replaced my clubs from the $20 set from the 80s I bought in a thrift store. I have a M1 driver, milled grind 60 degree wedge, and white hot pro #1 putter. My next upgrade is the big one: irons. I want forgiveness with irons but not so much that when I progress to a point where I’m swinging fast enough to not need them anymore. The ones I have been looking at are: TM Tour Preferred CB, Taylormade RSI1, RSI2, Titleist AP2 714, and Wilson D300s. I am looking for forgiveness that doesn’t break the bank. Anything helps!
  10. I am purchasing a new driver. The two I have seen online that I want are the Taylormade RBZ’s. One is the original 2012 Tour edition and the other is the remake black one from 2018. I was just curious what the differences between the two are?
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