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  1. Colby Dunedin, FL Taylormade M1 14.5 Index 116 mph TSi2
  2. Colby, Dunedin, FL Living in Florida, I am usually able to utilize outdoor practice green time during the "winter" months. Painfully hot summers, on the other hand, can limit outdoor practice time. I have never owned a putting mat, and have usually used the living room rug to practice putting indoors. I would prefer to test the medium 10-11 Stimpmeter speed, however I would be open to testing the fast green speed as well
  3. Colby / Dunedin / FL / USA Taylormade Spider S Blue The PING Heppler Fetch interests me the most due to higher MOI, unique head shape, good visual alignment, and the handy ball retrieval functionality.
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